261 Film Challenge: (Day One) Damsels in Distress

I was browsing this film trivia site earlier when I read about the 365 Film Challenge. As the name suggests, one must watch one movie for each day of the year and write some sort of review about it. Although a little over three months have passed since the first day of the year, I decided it’s not yet too late to start.

So here I am starting my 261 (remaining days of the year) Film Challenge with Whit Stillman’s Damsels in Distress.

  1. The dialog was seriously funny, much like a college, pseudo-intellectual version of Mean Girls. There were, of course, giveaway laughable antics, like when Violet (Greta Gerwig) was so enamored with the scent of some motel soap. What really entertained  me though, were the characters’ banters on religion (Sabbath on a Tuesday), the algebra of love, the hypocrisy-slash-arrogance of support groups etcetera etcetera.
  2. Greta Gerwig looks like someone I know. Some girl named Mae who, as far as I know, models part time to support herself financially, and teaches out-of-school students during the weekends.
  3. That bit about the dude who does not know the basic colors, I don’t think that’s possible unless he’s so stupid he can’t comprehend basic conversations around him, or he grew up in a cave, or he can’t read to save his life (which is impossible for a dude already in college).
  4. I could actually relate to some shit in the film. The suicide shit (which I always contemplate about these days, though I’m fully aware that I don’t have enough balls to actually do it). The questioning of own principles shit (when Violet was being questioned by Lily [Analeigh Tipton], and she was at first firm about her thoughts, but would later admit that she might be wrong—yep, always happens to me). The Adam Brody shit (because, well, he’s hot in the dorky sense—reminds me of the first and, so far, only guy I’ve dedicated a published article to).
  5. I don’t know if this film could be classified as campy—I was wondering about that as I was watching the film, but since I haven’t read much about “camp” yet, I’d rather be safe than outrightly claim something I’m not sure about—indecisive, sorry.

Just a disclaimer though. I have been watching movies to pass the time, but I don’t think I am intellectually equipped enough to actually analyze them beyond the obvious personal thoughts and feelings and shit—or maybe I’m just pa-safe, like what many people tell me. Also, I think I’ve always made it clear in this blog that I have horrible grasp of the English language (I’m not even sure if “horrible” is an apt adjective for the word “grasp”), so there’s the language issue. Anyway, whatever. Day One done!

The featured image is from IMDB.

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