Paramore paramore

  1. I think the best part of Paramore’s Paramore are the interludes. They remind me of Best Coast. They’re short and fun (duh, interludes) and they are, to me, a successful deviation from Paramore’s usual pop-rock sound.
  2. I like Still Into You because it’s catchy. It’s the poppiest, but it’s not too teenybopper. It will satisfy those who enjoy bopping their heads quietly to good music, and those who want to dance along and scream “It’s my jaaaam” before every girly song.
  3. I think Hate To See Your Heartbreak is the token ballad of the album. The My Heart of All We Know is Falling. The The Only Exception of Brand of New Eyes.
  4. The other songs are annoying. Too repetitive: Now and Grow Up.
  5. The lyrics are simplistic. Very basic images, with trite comparisons/messages. War and not surrendering (Now). Getting butterflies in the tummy after all these years (Still Into You). Some are straightforward, but don’t want to be that straightforward. Like Anklebiters. The persona talking to someone she obviously is not very fond of (“Just stop to drop dead”) but is going all vague with mentions of leashes and, uh, anklebiters.
  6. They sing about love like they’re teenagers. It’s not really bad, considering they’re just in their mid-twenties. It would be better tho if their lyrics also grew up with them (if they indeed grew up, because that’s what they’re preaching).
  7. People (fans who care) are debating on whether this “new” Paramore is better than the “old” Paramore. The context is the not-so-amicable departure of two of the band’s original members a couple of years ago. Doesn’t really matter, tho. If there’s a member so crucial to the existence of Paramore, it would be vocalist Hayley. She stays, they sell. She leaves, and Paramore crumbles to dirt.

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