After 10 long years, my paper’s done!

It’s more like 10 days and not 10 years actually, but…yeeeeeeeey! Now I can do other stuff without feeling guilty for putting off school work. Yeeeeey!

And Argentina topped Group F today! Yeeeeeey!

My boys will be facing Switzerland in the next round. Pffff, easy peasy Japanese-y. Although their backline has a Buckingham Palace-sized room for improvement, Di Maria and Messi—especially Messi—have been doing great for the team. Hope they make it to the semis (because I’m damn sure they’re gonna make it past the Round of 16). Don’t disappoint me, please? Mwah mwah.

Speaking of disappointment, I sincerely hope Team Imperialist disappoints tomorrow. Nothing against the people of America; I just really want to see the US lose. Come on, universe. They’re the world’s most powerful nation, let them lose this time! Let Ghana in so they can slap their corrupt officials with a win. Not that it will eradicate corruption or poverty whatsoever. I just want to see more Africans—and no US—in the next round.

And oh, by the way, there’s also this widely-talked-about biting incident by Luis “handball” Suarez during the Uruguay-Italy match:

It’s a huge deal, apparently. One, because this is not the first time Suarez bit a player on pitch. And two, because you’re not supposed to bite people on pitch or anywhere else, unless you’re defending yourself from assault or you’re doing kinky stuff.

FIFA has already started an official investigation on the incident. If proven guilty of going full Edward Cullen against Giorgio Chiellini, Suarez may face a possible two year ban from international matches. What I don’t get is, why the hell would he bite an opponent? He could have easily pushed Chiellini to the ground, or headbutt him a la Pepe. Other players tackle, they push and shove, some kick and punch. But bite? Hmm. Odaxelagnia, maybe? Eeeghh.

What else, what else? Oooooh. My World Cup cutie of the day: Antoine Griezmann. He plays for France (who’s moving on to the next round as well) and for Real Sociedad in La Liga. Use Google for other info.

Dude’s worthy of a two syllable dayuuuuum, eh? Ang gwaaaapoooo!

Featured image from GIPHY

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