Round of 16 and personal goals

The gods must be crazy! O pwede ring malakas lang talaga kay Lord ang mga Imperyalista.

I was too devastated to post anything yesterday (choz lang, I was in class the whole night). After the games, I messaged a friend to tell him about the Group H results: Germany 1-0 USA, Portugal 2-1 Ghana. The US advances because they beat Ghana and Ports in goal differential.

Ghana played without Boateng and Muntari, and Gyan couldn’t carry the team just by himself. Even Portugal played like they didn’t care anymore, like they knew hell had to freeze before Ghana concedes four more goals. Of course CR7 looked shattered, and Beto was sobbing on the bench.


It’s extremely sad to see senior players go without even advancing to the next round. This could very well be their last World Cup, and they’re leaving too early. Oh well. It’s all over now, and we have to move on.

That said, I hope the US leaves this cup in the most un-glamorous way. I hope Belgium beats them 10-0. I haven’t really followed Belgium’s matches, but I’m counting on the fact that they’re from Europe hahaha. And in the off-chance that the US wins, they would then be facing Argentina. And if the US beats Argentina—nah, who am I kidding, that’s not gonna happen (o mahabaging panginoon ama namin sumasalangit kaaaaaa).

Image from Footballwood

Now that there are less games to follow and only a little more than two weeks to go before the finals, I feel like I have so much time in my hands to do more important things. It’s time to go back to doing stuff for myself—time to score my personal goals (wenk wenk wenk).

This September, I doubt I will be quitting my job to go full time in school. I still want to take night classes, but I’m not sure if the school is going to allow me to take Math 30-1 without taking the prereq 20-1 (they don’t offer Math 20-1 for the night sched). I need to talk to an advisor to know if I can avoid the 20-1 route. But before that, I first have to study so I can prove that I can handle the 30-1, right? I will then be spending this weekend relearning linear equations and shit—and hopefully I don’t get distracted.

Another thing I want to have by this summer: a credit card. I don’t have credit history whatsoever. I’m thinking of applying for a student credit card, but I’m not sure if they’re gonna consider me a student as I only study part-time. Maybe I should apply for a legit card but, how can I get approved without an existing credit history? This shit bothers me and I know I should talk to someone from the bank. I don’t know, I guess I really just like putting things off for later. And I know I have to change that, so yeaaaa.

I’m also thinking of doing volunteer work, but sometimes I feel too lazy to go out. Going to class two nights a week is such a chore, what more if I have other things to do? If only I have friends so I can enjoy going out of the house. But I wouldn’t have friends if I don’t go out, eh? Hay. This, I would say, is a frikkin first-world problem. Ang arte ko lang, leche.

So there: study math, get a credit card, and maybe do some volunteer stuff. Plus an Argentina victory in the World Cup. Not that bad, eh?

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