It’s Brazil vs Colombia, son!

Brazil barely made it out of the Round of 16. They had a very intense match against Chile—I wanted to shut down my computer so I don’t see firsthand the look on the losers’ faces, whoever they may be. It eventually ended in a 1-1 draw after the extra time, so they had to do the penalty kick shootout. To me, any penalty shootout victory is hardly a victory at all. Swertihan na lang ‘yan e. ‘Ayun, Brazil ang nagwagi. Pasalamat sila sa poste, at sa kamalasan ng Chile. At kay Julio Cesar na rin, sige.

Meanwhile, we have Colombia who beat a Suarez-less Uruguay, 2-0. They were awesome, very coordinated as a team. Plus, they have James (Hah-mes) with them. James is the top-scoring player of the cup so far, with 5 goals in 4 matches. He’s also kinda cute, and unfortunately, he’s married (ang echosera ko lang hahahaha).

I’ll be looking forward to the Brazil-Colombia match. RIOT ITUUUU!

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