Music finds (June 2014)

I need to rinse my soul and wash away the stress this World Cup has caused me over the last couple of weeks. I need to talk about songs, listen to good music, and feed my mind with soothing awesomeness. This is my way of coping.

Char, ang arte! Pero yes, these are the songs I started listening to this June:

Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang
Eyes, Nose, Lips is from Taeyang’s second full length album RISE. It’s a slow heartbreak ballad that’s very typical of Taeyang—sexy, soulful and shirtless (char!). It has also spawned covers from two YG artists, AKMU and Tablo. Good Korean stuff, I’m telling ya.

Pain Au Chocolat – JHAS
I found this somewhere in Facebook, from the wall of a guy I knew back in high school. This song may be bought/downloaded from JHAS’ bandcamp page. It’s also in French—hipsters and pa-hipsters will like this, for sure.

Penguins and Moonboots – We Were Evergreen
This is an old, old song from We Were Evergreen. I found this on Facebook as well, from the wall of a girl named Ana. She was a Film major who played (still plays, I assume) the ukulele—probably why she likes this song and this band.

Awkward – San Cisco
Another one from Ana’s wall. This is catchy. My type of catchy. Now why didn’t Ana and I become closer friends?

Furr – Blitzen Trapper
RJ sent this to me. I like it. I like the whole Furr album, actually. It’s one of those albums I would want to stream and listen to during a windy Saturday afternoon while I think about senti thoughts and romanticize the weather—a very middle class kaartehan, I suppose.

Words – Gregory Alan Isakov
This is from RJ too. I’d say this song is more “him” than “me.” I can imagine him listening to this while smoking cigs or weed and looking out his window at night. He may or may not be drinking coffee or beer or something more hardcore. He may or may not be thinking about someone—he’s just thinking, period.

Night Still Comes – Neko Case
I chanced upon this Music vs Misery blog and saw a Neko Case song in one of the playlists. I got intrigued because I liked Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone. Found out Night Still Comes is from a new album she released last year. Yebooooi.

Dati – Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos
Now for some OPM stuff. I saw this once on my newsfeed but never really bothered to click. I decided to finally give it a listen today and bam, this is jologs sweetness at its best! Panalo ‘teh!

Constructiconz – Evil Scientists

I found Evil Scientists in bandcamp. I’m not big on hiphop and techno-y stuff, but I really like their Straight Outta Lawton EP. The songs are funny, napakabargas. Listening to Constructiconz also made me think of Marxist undertones, but that may be reaching a little too far so I’m not gonna go there for now hehehe.

The featured image is a screenshot from the JHAS music video.

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