Bye France, bye Colombia

After an excruciatingly long break—two days! TWO DAYS!—the quarterfinals has begun today. And it’s Germany and Brazil who successfully inched their ways to the semis.

This makes me sad for a couple reasons:

1. I saw Griezmann cry and I wasn’t there to hug him (thanks Mavuba for being my proxy).

2. James “don’t call me James” Rodriguez also cried. He shared a “tahan na” moment with David Luiz and it was heartwarming, in fairness.

3. Interesting how all the goalscorers today were backline peeps: Hummels for Germany, and Silva and David Luiz for Brazil. All goals were also from set pieces, so there’s that.

4. Silva got booked today, which means he won’t be playing in the semis. CHAKA! He’s one of the best defenders out there, and Brazil needs him. Ang suwerte ng Germany!

5. Neymar is also out! I admit I’m a bit shocked at this one. He took a knee kick to his back and had to leave around the 80th minute for treatment. Being the assumera that I am, I thought he just dove to waste time. You can’t really blame me because Neymar has always been “theatrical.” Too bad he was indeed hurt, and he too won’t be able to play against Germany. Suwerte talaga ng Germany!

6. I’m trying to adopt a “neutral” attitude so I won’t feel too bad if Argentina says bye-bye tomorrow. Something like hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I just wish they don’t suffer a 4-0 loss like they did against Germany back in 2010. I just want them to play well and put up a good fight.

Good luck, guys! I’m ready. Labyu! Mwah mwah!

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