1. It’s Argentina vs Netherlands in the semis!

2. I feel bad for rooting against Costa Rica. I’ve been telling B that I want to see them in the finals because you know, underdogs. But upon witnessing how they played against Holland today, I fear they would just pull another 9-0-1 formation against Argentina. Er, no thanks.

3. It’s a huge possibility for Holland to end Argentina’s bid for the cup. I guess that’s fine. At least I can expect a more exciting game between two strong attacking teams.

In other (non-World Cup) news:

1. I started reading Runaways, a comic book series by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona. It’s about a group of teenagers who found out their parents were actually supervillains. I can imagine myself liking this as a teenager; I’m just not getting as fond of it now as I thought I would. Something about mystical superpowers and the characters’ blatant stupidity turn me off. I’m only on the first volume tho, so we’ll see.

2. A high school classmate asked me to help him write a script for his final film school project. He didn’t ask me specifically; he posted on our Facebook group asking for anyone who’s willing to help him write his thesis. I volunteered because echosera ako e, bakit ba. He gave me a generic story (girl wants to breakup with guy, film ends on a vague note—I know, right?). I asked him how he plans to develop this: will he give me a list of major plot lines, or will I call the shots on everything and he’ll just give feedback? He replied with an “Okiedokie.” Now I’m not sure how serious he is, pero keri.

3. I watched The Kings of Summer by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. It was cute, with a couple funny moments here and there. I don’t think I’ll be watching it again anytime soon, but I’ll gladly recommend it to anyone looking for something to watch.

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