The Brazillian Massacre of 2014

It’s not Neymar they were missing; it’s Silva. Of course Neymar could have boosted the team’s morale and tightened the gap in the final score. But still, David Luiz and company—especially the defenders—were terrible without their true captain.

Iinom n’yo na lang ‘yan, Brazil! And I hope Argentina’s defense don’t pull a Brazil tomorrow. Don’t do a repeat of your 2010 quarterfinals please! Labyu!

Imagr from Imgur


        1. Jolens

          Hehe, sayang hanggang 3rd place na lang ang pwedeng ma-achib ng Brazil. Cheer mo na lang din Argentina! ‘Yan ang team namin ni @thinksayfeel hehehe.


  1. thinksayfeel

    Pakingsyet, napakagaling ng depensa ng Germany. I was speechless while watching it. Shit, 5 goals in 30 minutes. How’s that for claiming a seat to the finals?

    Pero, to be honest, naiyak for Brazil’s lost. I can feel the fans’ devastation. The Germans slaughtered Brazilians. Tsk.

    Yes, hopefully ARG will pull off the game.


    1. Jolens

      Naiyak ka talaga? Huhuhehe.

      To me it’s not so much about Germany’s defense being impenetrable (tho Neuer did some good saves, as usual). Brazil was just completely disorganized. They probably thought it’s tactically better to let everybody go forward after Germany started scoring. They tried to equalize, but at the expense of their backline.

      By the time na naka-5 na ang Germany, dama mo na lang talaga ang panghihina(yang) ng Brazil. They seemed to have stopped trying. The defenders could have at least pressed the Germans during the latter’s counter attacks, just so the shots could go wide. But no, tumambay na lang ang mga kuya, the marking was terrible, and Julio Cesar could not do anything to stop the bleeding.

      Tama ka, nakakalungkot nga ito, lalo para sa Brazilians. 😦


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