Small talk

I WAS in the elevator with this dude from my class, just the two of us. We were doing so well, not awkward at all, until he started making small talk.

“It’s really sunny out today,” he said.

My usual jumpy self got startled. I didn’t expect he would talk so I looked his way with a baffled stare.

“I mean, it’s much better to go to class in the winter, right?” he said.

“Oh…oh really?” I said.

No kidding, I really fucking said that. That’s my brilliant fucking response. The perennial “oh really” that every fucking fob pulls out of her ass whenever she’s at a loss for what to fucking say.

“Well, you know, it’s just colder during the winter so…” he didn’t even bother to finish his sentence. He frowned and was equally confused as I was. We exited the elevator quietly, him walking ahead of me as if that “conversation” didn’t happen.

I guess this is why after over a year of staying in this freezer of a country, I still have no friends. Fuck my lonely life.

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      1. zezil

        Anu ba dapat ang isasagot sa ganon? For reference lang, para next time alam na natin. Haha.

        Hey, I am reading your posts now. Enjoyyyyy! Love the rawness and basta, may kakaibang fun raw flavor! 🙂


  1. Jolens

    Hindi ko alam huhu. I guess kung swabe ka, you’ll agree (“Yep, it’s so warm out!”) then shoot back another question to keep the conversation going (“Do you think Sir Teacher will dismiss us early today? The weather’s too good to stay indoors, eh?”).

    At siyempre hindi ko maiisip ‘yan on-the-spot haha.

    Salamat sa pagbisita! Nakakahiya sa “flavor” hihihi, pero thank you! Marami-rami rin akong kailangang i-backread sa site mo. 🙂


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