If I WAS home,

I would have been black out drunk by now.

A bit crude, but I would have also found someone to do it with. Just to, I don’t know, release some carnal frustrations, maybe?

The Champions League group rounds will start in September, so that’s about two months from now. I will also be handing in my two months notice tomorrow, which I hope my bosses will accept without question. I hate confrontations.

This post is a free writing of sorts—I don’t really know what to talk about. It’s so warm and humid here in my room, and I haven’t taken a bath since Friday. It’s also shark week. I feel so dirty. Will probably take a warm shower after this. I want to rid myself of the pain. Germany fucking won.

Friends are all happy for Germany, them Argentina-haters. Same people who initially wanted a colonized over colonizer victory. Apparently that only applies if the team is not Argentina. Everybody roots for the underdog, except if it’s Argentina. Understandable, because Lionel Messi.

It sucks to see Aguero cry, and to see Messi not smiling. Lavezzi should have stayed, Di Maria should have had a miracle happen to him or something. But who the fuck knows. They’re just runners-up now.

Another thing: the wives/girlfriends of football players are all looking hot in a Scarlet Johansson way. Bodacious bodies, silky smooth hair, perfectly made up faces. Perfect 10s, all of them. The German players might be having the best sex of their lives later tonight. Lucky them.

But I really wanted Messi to win the World Cup, if only to stop the gits questioning his legacy as the greatest football player. Dude’s got everything but the world cup. I hope he still plays in 2018. I doubt they would reach the semis again tho, but that’s four years from now. Who knows what’s gonna happen in four years? Am I even still alive by then? Where would I be four years from now? Fuck existential crap.

Last: if somebody asks me out, I’d say yes. I want this dry spell to end.


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