Beer and cake before bedtime

1. Glorious is the night when you find beer and cake in the fridge. Heee.

2. Facebook informed me that:

3. I want to read Ghost World again. I’m definitely going to buy a legit copy someday soon. I should have read it when I was younger!

4. Beer. Yes. I love beer. Something about the taste (when it’s good!) and the haze and the daze — ah, I love beer.

5. Soki messaged me earlier and asked if I had a Wattpad account:

J: Meron, bakit?
S: Sabi na nga ba ikaw nagsulat ng Diary ng Panget e!
J: Ulol, hindi ako ‘yun.
S: Okay. We’re searching for the next big YA hit.
J: O? Pwede magpasa?
S: Go!

Wattpad seems to be one of the trendiest shitcrap these days, ‘no?

6. Mark and I are planning to travel to Cuba so we can visit Anna. I’m also thinking of asking Jay to join us. But after being away from friends for a pretty long while, I can’t help but feel like this trip is too good to happen. I really want to see how Anna is doing in Cuba though, so I hope this “plan” pushes through.

7. There’s really something about a guy who’s good at playing the guitar. I think the 10-point hotness scale is bullshit, but just to illustrate what I’m trying to say: a guy can go 4 to 5 notches higher if he’s awesome with the guitar. Eeeee.

8. Oh God, the Cinemalaya to Youtube shebang!

10. FREE INDIE PINOY MOVIES! I can finally watch Jay and Endo, yey! And the streaming is licensed too, apparently, so guilt and righteous tendencies can go sulk in the corner. Cool cool cool.


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