Football weekend, noob thoughts

Just finished watching the Everton – Chelsea match. The second half was freakin’ unbelievable with freakin’ one goal after another! The match ended with a 6 – 3 scoreline in favor of Mourinho’s team — I hate the guy but holy shit they really did well. Hay. The joys of watching a good match without any sort of emotional attachment to either of the teams.

  • Eto’o and Cesc, go former Barça boys!
  • Lukaku, who was team Belgium in the last World Cup and team Everton in the BPL, looks way older than 21. Seriously, really, he’s just 21?
Photo from SkySports
  • And apparently, Willian, who plays for Brazil and for Chelsea, is already 26! But gah he’s so cute! Like baby boy cute. How could he be 26?
Photo from Daily Star Sunday
  • Drogba took his shirt off during the celebratory moments after the game. Unfortunately I can’t find a gif or a photo but boy, it was truly a sight to behold. Grabe mehn, batak kung batak!
  • Diego Costa was the man! Seriously. He was cunt-ish and all, even Timmy Howard was like hey asshole go wipe yourself! Costa was really fast tho, he delivered and scored goals. Hay. Atleti will definitely miss you.

Now, time to watch the Atleti – Eibar match. Eeee, so excited to see Papa Griezmann! 🙂

My sedentary lifestyle got the best of me yesterday and I fell asleep right after the Atleti – Eibar match. Atleti won, 2 – 1.

  • Both Atleti goals came from set pieces. The other chances they created did not have the proper finish; Papa Griezmann actually wasted legit opportunities to score. Also, he seemed to be getting tanner and tanner since the last World Cup. Hmm. Keri lang, pogi pa rin.
Photo from Zimbio
  • Eibar’s only goal was actually scored by defender Abraham Minero. I love it when defenders deliver something glorious such as this one:

  • For a team that was just recently promoted to the Primera Division, Eibar was not completely terrible. They played okay, although there were obvious shortcomings in completing passes and sashaying around defenders. But not bad, Eibar, not bad.

Now off to watch the Villarreal – Barça match. I’m all for Barça here but I’m also hoping for the Dos Santos boys to do well. This better be a great game. 🙂

This Villarreal – Barça game was not good for the heart! I had a couple mini heart attacks and thanks to the goal post and to perfectly-timed bursts of luck, Barça emerged with a 1-0 against the Yellow Submarines. PHEW! Muntik-muntikan na!

  • It was a freakin’ huge struggle — oh I couldn’t even stress this enough — to finally get one goal in! With less than 10 minutes remaining, Messi flicked the ball thru a couple yellow defenders and B-teamer Sandro surged thru to slot it in. Gaaaaah! The youngsters are on a roll!
  • Alves got a yellow card for diving, I think. We also got to see his left ass cheek but I’m still waiting for photos to be available on Google (hohoho). And while I do not totally hate Dani Alves, I do think his crosses were pretty useless without an available teammate to receive and score the goal.
  • Despite the mini heart attacks, I still enjoyed how Barça handled this game. There were clear chances created, finishing was a bit amiss, but defending and pressing were solid. Pique was pogi, as usual, and he had been immense in the backline. Yiiiiiiiii.

For the next game, I will be supporting Real…Real Sociedad! Hohoho. Beat the shit out of Real Madrid you guys! 🙂

Real Sociedad won 4 – 2 against Real Madrid! Yeah baby!

  • Real Madrid scored the first two goals within the first 10 minutes, which left me rolling my eyes like ugh. Bale was the second to score and his devilish face just reinforced my belief that without CR7’s heavenly abs, Real Madrid is just soooo hard to love. I mean, Bale and Pepe’s faces are just as punchable as Manny Pacquiao’s punching bags. Grrr.
  • Before the first half ended, Real Sociedad did their shit and scored two goals for the great equalizer. Uyeaaaah! I just love it when Pepe looks devastated! Awesome sauce! Then come second half, Real Sociedad slotted in two more goals which warranted some montage-like sequence featuring the Real Madrid players’ disappointed faces. The only Madrid players I felt sorry for were Casillas and James. I would have also felt sorry for Modric but he wasn’t on pitch anymore as he was substituted for Khedira, who didn’t really do much to save his teammates’ doomed asses.
  • CR7 was injured, Di Maria and Xabi Alonso were both sold out to Manchester United and Bayern Munich respectively. Although they did have Kroos and James, the recent recruits did not play as solidly as expected. I think Madrid paid 80 million for James? Dude, he better get better.

I would say this has been a good weekend. Very unproductive for me, but also very satisfying. Barcelona won, albeit the win wasn’t earned as smoothly as preferred, and Real Madrid lost. “That’s not the only match!” Riam, a Real Madrid fan, texted me. “I know,” I told her. That doesn’t make me any less happier tho. 🙂

Lukaku image from Skyports

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