Football break

THERE ARE no football matches in all the major European leagues this weekend. I think they call it an international break?

Instead of league matches there are international games, which means the players play for their national teams instead of their clubs. The most notable and only game that I watched was the Germany – Argentina friendly in Germany’s home court. It’s a “friendly” so it doesn’t really count, but it still made me happy that Argentina won, 4-2.

Di Maria carried the game with three assists and one goal. Argentina conceded two goals after they scored their winning four but meh, that’s fine. Germany didn’t have more than half (?) of the players who were with them in the World Cup finals. Muller wasn’t there, Boateng wasn’t there. Shmthing-steiger, the new German captain whose name I couldn’t spell, was also absent. If only the World Cup finals is a two-game thing and Argentina could win it by aggregate, ‘no? But nah, that shit’s over. Argentina won the friendly but Germany will be holding the cup ’til 2018. Move on, Jolens.

I honestly think the real loser of the game is Real Madrid, hey ho! They just got rid of Di Maria who was so brilliant in this match and in the other matches that he played with Real. I think he was also the Man of the Match in the last Champions League finals? Cool beans.

But apparently Di Maria did not have a very smooth-sailing relationship with his now-former bosses at Real. They sent him a letter disallowing him to play in the World Cup finals — which he ended up skipping anyway because he was injured — and they didn’t make him a better offer after other clubs started showing interest in him. At least that’s what I make of his recent statements.

Ah, I just wish him the best in Manchested United. I hope they could be in the Champions League next season, hehe. You go, El Fideo!

Featured image from BBC

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