First loss of the season, atbp.

Barça lost today. Against PSG. An Ibra-less and Silva-less PSG.

David Luiz scored the first goal — the goal that tarnished Barça‘s clean sheet record this season. Barça responded with a brilliant play between Iniesta and Messi, with the latter scoring the team’s 500th Champions League goal. Haggard sa galing!

But eh, apparently Barça‘s defense proved to be too weak against PSG’s giants. I wasn’t able to watch the match and am no football expert so I got no intelligent analysis to offer. It just feels bad that Barça lost in a game I thought they’d win.

Some people say that it’s better to lose earlier in the season. This way, Barça would know how to rectify their errors. I agree.

Plus, I must not forget that the best is yet to come. There’s only one CL group match remaining before Suarez debuts for Barça in a non-friendly, not-Gamper game. There’s less than a month to go until Suarez starts playing for La Liga! Aaaaah. I’m so excited for the first clasico of the season. ‘Tang ama nakakakaba!

I’m also a little nervous for my Bio exam tomorrow (pardon the cheap segue). There’s not much material to memorize this time but it frightens me because I barely have any idea what the written questions would be about. Huhu. I hope I get at least a 95.

On Thursday I have a Physics test and a Chem quiz. I’m not too worried about Physics because aside from answering some practice problems, I don’t think there’s any other way I can prepare for the exam. I’m a little concerned about the Chem quiz tho. I’ve been zoning out during lectures lately and I purposely haven’t been answering the worksheet. I want to save them for the quiz so I have shit to practice on, that’s why. Hay.

I’ve also been in the lab three times in two days. The Physics lab went fine and I got to work with some of my seatmates, two of which are fellow immigrants who seem pretty fun. The Bio lab went okay. We dissected the eyeball of a cow — pretty much just cut it in half and identified which part is which. For Chem, I worked with two guys who weren’t particularly happy that I turned their tag team into a trio. Guess I’d have to sit somewhere else in the next lab session.

Working in the lab made me realize that I sincerely do not enjoy working with other people. Sometimes I give myself too much credit when I say I’m a “people person.” Apparently I’m not. I’m more efficient when I’m doing things by myself. So far, I have figured out the lessons just by giving myself time to understand them (with a little help from friends back home, sure). I’m even hesitant in availing the peer tutoring program in school, all because I don’t think I actually need a tutor. Of course I’m not sure if it’s just me overrating myself (again) or if I’m being logical in deciding what would work best for everyone (primarily for myself).

Hay. Ang dami kong sinabi. Makapag-aral na nga.

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