Fuck VFA

From Rappler

Bad news: a Filipino transgender was allegedly murdered by a US serviceman.

The victim named Jeffrey Laude, or Jennifer to her friends, was last seen in an Olongapo motel on October 11. She checked in with a “male, white foreigner” that she met at a nearby bar. The foreigner left the motel before midnight; Jennifer did not. No details yet on who exactly this foreigner is, but one of the victim’s friends confirmed that said guy was from the USS Peleliu ship.

Jennifer was found in the motel room lifeless, her face slumped in the toilet bowl. One of the theories — the most obvious one that comes to mind upon reading the word “transgender” — was that the murderer got infuriated after finding out that Jennifer was biologically male.

US authorities have already admitted that one of their soldiers is being investigated for the crime. A couple others are also detained in the ship as they could be possible witnesses for the trial. The US ships were ordered not to leave the Philippines and the US Embassy offered its obligatory condolences to Jennifer’s family paired with a hollow promise of cooperation and justice.

I say hollow because this is not the first time a US officer was accused of a grave crime against a Filipino. I have always felt strongly about the Subic Rape Case that happened almost 10 years ago. I was in my early teens then but I already knew that our justice system did not have the balls to convict American serviceman Daniel Smith. The Court of Appeals acquitted Smith, who only spent a week in Makati City Jail.

It was Gloria Arroyo leading the Malacañang at that time, and the tiny bitch turned over Smith’s custody to the Americans. Now we have BS Aquino who’s much less ballsy than Arroyo. I don’t think he’d even try to assert our right to the custody of whoever killed Jennifer, much less fight tooth and nail to convict him. No Filipino leader in my lifetime has ever been bold enough to kick Uncle Sam’s ass — all they do is kiss it.

I’m sure there would be comments against Jennifer’s gender. Righteous sons of Satan would surely spin the story and put the blame on the victim. She was trans, therefore she deserved to die. She was about to have a one-night stand with a stranger, what did she expect? She was probably just some desperate Filipino wanting to have a chance at getting a US visa by seducing a foreigner — why must we care? Yadda, yadda, yadda. I wonder how these ignorant people live. It’s like they fucking get a grand for every pile of shit they take out of their asses and shove into their mouths before spouting them in words. ‘Tang ina lang.

Can we just fucking abrogate the Visiting Forces Agreement, please? I mean, what the fuck. What do we even get out of it? Training our soldiers my ass. They stage some military exercises but that’s just a front for the US to maintain their presence in the continent. Not to mention that the agreement is so fucking one-sided it’s not even ratified by the US Congress. If things go sour, they could easily claim that the agreement is not legally recognized by their country.

It hurts to say this but we are about to get bullied again — we have always been. Bold prediction: nobody’s going to get convicted. And if somebody does, he’ll be put in an American jail/detention cell as if he didn’t commit a crime as heinous as murder. Of course I hope I’m wrong.

Nicole got raped, Jennifer got strangled to death. Justice will remain elusive for as long the Philippines has its legs open for Uncle Sam’s dick.


  1. musad

    tang ina. Dahil iniisip nila na naisahan sila ng isang transgender (as in titi ang nakita niya at hindi puki) kaya niya pinatay si Jeffrey o Jennifer? At kung nagkataon man na babae si Jennifer, possibleng Nicole o patay din siya?


  2. aysabaw

    Bravo Bravo Bravo. Parang senaryo lang sa librong Gapo. Pag Kano ang nakapatay ng Pinoy, absuelto. Pero pag kabaligtaran ang nangyari? Tsk Tsk Tsk,

    Deja vu lang. History repeats itself again and again and again na aplikable lang ata sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas ha ha at isa pang malaking HA HA!

    Baboy ramo lang ang tingin satin ni Uncle Sam na pwedeng kataying kahit kelan kapag nakita niyang haharang harang sa daan niya habang sya naman at halos sambahin na ng gobyerno.

    Kunwari pa mga yan na inaaksyunan ang pagkamatay ni Jennifer? Na nakikiramay sila? Tapos bukas makalawa tatabunan ng walang kwentang isyu (ie sino ang bagong boylet ni Kris) hanggang sa makalimutan na yung kaso? Tingnan natin kung ano ang kaya nilang gawin.


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