Red card!

1. Real Madrid barely got out with full three points against Cordoba today. And the clincher: CR7 got sent off for kicking and hitting a Cordoba player! Varane be like What. The. Fuck. I hope Ronaldo gets a three-match ban—pretty please, La Liga? Hehe.

2. Barça won 6-0 against Elche today! Hooraaay! First half was a bit sloppy but the team stepped it up in the second half. Messi assisted Neymar twice and scored two goals himself. One of his goals was set up by the sexy Marc Bartra who’s becoming more and more pogi in my eyes. If Griezmann does not change his hairstyle, I might switch to fangirling over Bartra instead. Them eyez!

From pixgood

3. Cole smiled at me yesterday. I spent the rest of the day trying to relish the split-second scene and trying to figure out who broke eye contact first. I also watched Star Wars when I got home because I know Cole likes Star Wars. I will be reading Max Brooks soon because he likes his books too. Hay, what am I turning into? Huhuhu.

4. I need a creative and productive hobby. Everything I do these days has been consumptive: watch movies, read books, listen to songs. These are all perfectly cool hobbies by the way — I just want to create something. The most logical move, really, is to pick up my guitar and start learning new songs. Eventually, hopefully, maybe I can write my own songs too. Ah, I wish!

Bartra Image Source

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