Visca El Barça!

It’s yet another international break in football. I got no beef tho because last week, my Barça boys won over Real Madrid wankers! We’re back on top of the table, baby!

It’s been a while since I posted something football-related but it doesn’t mean I stopped watching the matches. Or Barça matches, at least.

Barça also won over Manchester City, 3-1 on aggregate, which means they’re heading onto the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Yebah!

They’ll be going against PSG for the last 8, which is tad bit of a bummer because they already met in the group rounds. I’m also not so stoked that Bayern, the (other) favorite to win the CL trophy, matched with Porto. Can I get an upset please lord god?

There will also be another Madrid derby as Real Madrid wankers and Atletico kickboxers will have another two-game battle. At least one of them will get knocked out so yey!

And — this one’s a little less exciting but — Barça reached the finals of the Copa Del Rey! Yebah! It’s between them and Athletic Bilbao and is going to be held at the Camp Nou! Homygahd! Both teams initially wanted the finals to be at the Bernabeu (home turf of Real Madrid) but the blanco bosses said nuh-uh. Hope Barça seals the copa this year! Wahooo!

In sadder news, Xavi might exit Barça in the summer as rumors say he’s poised to sign a three-year deal with a Qatari team. Aw man, he will be missed! I suppose one day he’ll be back to Barça as a coach. Who knows, right? For sure he and I will be way older by then.

Speaking of old, I can’t believe Atleti’s Koke is only 23!

Here’s Koke, for reference. | From Talk Sport

Apparently the news are saying that Lucho Enrique, current Barça coach, is interested in signing Koke to boost the bench now that master Xavi might be leaving. Thing is, Koke seems to be a true-blue (true red-blue-white?) Atleti baby who’s perfectly happy with his current club.

I’m not very familiar with the who’s who of football outside of Barça but I know opinions are a little divided on Koke’s possible Catalan move. Some say Pogba is a better choice? Eh. I just hope whoever joins the team next Winter (huhu transfer ban) will be able to adapt and help the team play better football.

Last thing! Dani Alves is also another player who’s contract is about to end this summer. Rumors in the ‘hood say he might be moving to Paris to join PSG but nothing has been confirmed yet. He’s a good rapper tho — a rapper who made a collaboration with a pop star to record a pop song. Chekiraaaawt!

Photo from Ronaldo7

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