My friends and I went on a picnic at another park a couple days ago. The whole affair was pretty vanilla. We grilled some barbecue and had them for supper, coupled with ensaladang talong at kamatis na may itlog na pula.

The conversations were just generic kamustahan; no interesting discussions on pretentious topics or makapaso-dilang chismis. The most memorable bit would be when they called me out for using “jejeje” in text messages. I laughed and said that I am aware of its jeje implications. “Parang meta-jeje lang,” I said.

They didn’t know what “meta” was so I tried explaining it to them by using Edward Snowden’s metadata NSA reveal as an example. The US government has the capabilities to track metadata, or data about data, of all things online. They didn’t know who Snowden was. Eventually I settled with the circularity (?) of the concept, the idea of something being about itself. Movie about a movie. Book about a book. Something like that.

The exchange made me realize two things: that I have a rather weak grasp of certain concepts I thought I am already familiar with, and that I need serious improvements on being articulate. I must learn how to use the right words in the right order so I can explain myself better.

Meanwhile, here are pictures of trees.





  1. zezil

    Ganda ng mga puno. 🙂

    Problema ko rin yan e, yung parang ako lang nakakaintindi ata sa train of thought ko. Hehe. Pero hey, lakas maka nerd nung explanation mo ha. Nerd in a good way ha. Magamit nga yang “meta” na yan sa pang araw araw. 🙂


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