Barça update (or why the treble is theirs to lose, baby)

Today, Barça trumped Real Sociedad, 2-0. But the better news? Real Madrid tied with Valencia! Yeah baby!

This is the day that puts Barça four points ahead of current second-placers Real Madrid. Only two matches remain, and unless Barça loses or draws both and Madrid wins both, the league trophy is going to Catalonia!

One of Barça’s last two games will be against Atleti but no worries. A win in Calderon, Atleti’s home stadium, means a Liga trophy (fuck yeah!) and a lose also means a Liga trophy with the caveat that Barça must defeat bottom team Deportivo in the last game. ‘Tang amuuuh!

Unfortunately, there’s this possible total stoppage of all league games, including the Copa final, this coming weekend because of a conflict among different parties including the government, the Spanish FA and the players’ union. I haven’t heard a lot about it tho and it seems like the fans aren’t as worried as they should be. I hope the issue gets settled soon.

If everything gets ironed out, the remaining games will be played by all teams and the Copa final will push through on May 30. It’s between Barça and Athletic Bilbao and fuck my life if Barça loses this one! Unless Enrique goes cray and start Pedro, Douglas, and Vermaelen up front with Xavi and Iniesta and Neymar as the back three, the Copa trophy is a done deal.

And to complete the treble, the second leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League will be on this week. Barça is going to the Allianz Arena and — I claim it — seal their spot in the finals. While complacency isn’t an option, defending their 3-0 lead from last week’s oh-so-glorious trouncing of a RobBery-less Bayern Munich shouldn’t be as tough. An away goal means Bayern must score five to win, and given Barça’s current form (clean sheet in the last seven games!), my boys can definitely avoid to concede that much. This should be a good match on Tuesday!

And on Wednesday, Real Madrid will be facing Juventus to try to offset their 2-1 loss from the first leg. I, of course, am hoping that Madrid fails and that Pogba and Pirlo and the gang humiliates them with a manita (5-0) at the Bernabeu. One can dream, eh?

I’m really excited for the CL finals, whether it be Barça-Juve or another clasico. Kapal lang ng mukha kong wafazin na ang Bayern ‘no? Ganyan talaga. Barça must win the CL! And in the off-chance that they don’t, I’d still be satisfied with how they did the whole season. It has been a sweet, sweet ride. Eeeeeeeee.

Photo from Screamer

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