John talked to me. I think I’m pregnant.

The universe has its own way of making life a little less stressful.

On top of all the misfortune I and my family have been going through lately, an extremely difficult calculus exam greeted me this morning. It was so hard I forgot all the shit I’ve been reviewing for the past couple days. A few hours later, the teacher posted the marks and I barely passed.

H and I grabbed some lunch at a nearby mall to temporarily forget about the dismal results. Guess who we saw? Yep, motherfuckin’ John from Physics.

He was in plain blue jeans and a tight white shirt. He was sweating —  a detail I noticed but H didn’t. He was walking around the food court heading to the Vietnamese stall when I saw him. He bought a can of ginger ale.

I waved at him on his way back and that’s when he approached us.

“How are you guys?” he asked. “Still in school?”

“Ya, just Calculus,” I said. “What do you do now?”

“I do some web development on the side just to earn money during the break.”

“Are you going to Uni this September?”

“Yes,” he said. “Am I gonna see you guys there?”

I pointed at H. It sucks that I might not be going to school at all this fall. H told him they might be classmates.

After the basic pleasantries, he left and went back upstairs to his seat. I could still see him and knew he could see us from where he was seated. I couldn’t help but assume that maybe he went downstairs for his ginger ale just so he could strike a conversation with us — with me.

H and I left shortly after the exchange. I was so happy and giggly I was essentially prancing my way to the bus stop.

My family still has money troubles and I might still not be able to go to school this September. But today — and maybe for the whole weekend — I am a happy kid.

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