First term over

Today, I woke up to the news that Mourinho was sacked. It was an interesting way of tugging an emotion out of me; I was surprised.

Yesterday, I learned that I failed the chem finals. While everyone was celebrating their As and Bs — including this dick who’s starting to ghost me ugh — I was sulking in a corner of the tech center, wondering what I did wrong.

I am currently in my first year of engineering. Two years ago, I uttered the words, “I never imagined ever going into engineering.” It was during one of those conversations with friends who were (are) as equally clueless as I on how to move on with our lives after college. Obviously, I moved on by going back to college. And this time, I decided to study something that I never thought I could do well in.

And I am not doing well indeed. Except for English which I already got an A for, I am expecting a C+ in the rest of my courses. Oh universe, you mean bitch. Now that I finally find something I genuinely want to be good at, you remind me of how my best efforts could still lead me to the morass of mediocrity.

Of course nobody told me engineering was going to be easy. It takes hard work and diligence and all them big words. I was expecting it to be hard; I just never expected to fail.

But life does not end here I suppose. Just as it is probably not the end of Mourinho’s career. There’s still next term to bring my marks up, and hopefully things would go better in the next three, four years.

Next move: go Christmas shopping, read books and watch movies just like the good ole days, and learn MATLAB. Probably crunch on some calculus problems, too, I don’t know.

Advanced merry Christmas to all!

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