Baguio 2012

I have a knack for taking terrible photos. I’ve owned my Nikon D90 since 2011 and until now, almost half a decade later, I still have the photography skills of a potato.

So kindly excuse the poor quality of these pictures which, to be fair, were taken in 2012.

Somehow, for reasons I already forgot, I decided to hop on a bus to Baguio with four other dyaryo people. We might have just finished press work. Or maybe we were waiting for drafts that weren’t coming? We probably got a little too concerned for our livers — yes, livers with the r — that instead of spending yet another night downing bottles of beer in some hub around Teacher’s Village, we leveled up the game and went to kill our wallets instead.

We still drank during this trip though. We drank and we smoked and we talked about how bad-ass we were for going to Baguio to do things we could easily do in QC. We embodied what textbooks would define as “pretentious” and we knew it. At least I knew it. I was just too depressed to care.

Ah, those were the days.


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