On being interesting

THIS WEEKEND, somebody asked me a question I’ve always struggled to answer: “So what do you do for fun?”

The question was simple and could easily be tackled with a straight-up honest answer. But somehow, for reasons I think I already know but haven’t had the audacity to verbalize until now, my mind goes blegh especially if the one asking is a guy. Whether I like the guy or not, I always take the question as an invitation to sell myself, to tell him that despite this semi-hideous (hehe) facade, I am interesting.

Now that I’m writing about this, it feels terrible to realize that maybe I am not as interesting as I think I am.

What do I do for fun? I watch soccer. I support FC Barcelona, I read books written about the sport, I watch matches and read match analyses and (rowdy) comment sections afterwards. I like to read. I’ve been into fantasy recently. The last one I read was Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind. It was interesting and a page-turner, but I doubt it’s going to be turned into a movie or a TV series anytime soon. Speaking of which, I also like watching movies. The last one I watched was Deadpool. I read comics too!

I rarely go outside the house so I wouldn’t say I’m active. I work out every now and then and I really want to try boxing. Next year, I plan to join a university club that builds UAVs because I’m interested in robotics. Also, I make tiny sculptures using polymer clay. I haven’t made anything new recently because of school, but it’s something I want to be good at. I like art and I think I know about art history a little more than your typical non-artist person, but definitely a lot less than an art history major.

So, uh, am I interesting enough? Am I just bad at selling myself like most people, I suppose?

I wish answering this question is just like one of those things that take practice to master. A little more social interaction and eventually, I would be able to answer it without hesitation and everything would come out like how I hope it would. That he would think I am worth having a conversation with because I have things to say, because I have noteworthy opinions and insights. Because I am interesting.

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  1. buddy71

    i think most people would think they are not interesting. but that was not the real question, right? it was, what do you do for fun? does what we do for fun make us interesting? or what we do for work? or what we think about? if we break us down, we may not see how interesting we are. but taken as a whole? that is how we should view ourselves. what we do for “fun” is very subjective. yes? thanks for sharing a bit of yourself

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