I do not consider myself a photographer; I just really like taking pictures.

This summer I find myself more and more eager to use my beloved camera. E and I have been going out for photo walks once a week but I still feel like taking a few shots at least every day.

These pictures were taken using a good ole kit lens and were a result of my pseudo-experiment with primary colours:


Today, I found the 55-200mm mid-range zoom lens hidden in my tech box. I knew I had an extra lens that came with my gear when I originally bought it five years ago. Hopefully one day I can afford a prime lens too. (My priority for now is to save up for a new MacBook Pro.)

One day I also want to capture more movement in my photos. I want to take pictures that tell stories. I think the best photographs are the ones that tell stories that matter—and the best photographers are those who empathize with their subjects.

I’m obviously not there yet so, meanwhile, here are pictures of various shiznits around my house:



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