Snogging Cate Blanchett, the moon landing, and other questions

I’VE ALWAYS wondered — who was the Liebster Awards named after? Hmm.

I guess these blog awards are your modern-day chain letters. They borrow the pass-after-reading aspect sans the “or else…” threat. Not having the caveat about a potential bad omen portrays a sort of mental maturity, an acknowledgement that barely anyone would still buy into an unscientific, doltish tradition. And because these awards are exclusively online property, they manifest an intelligence anchored specifically on technological evolution. Globalization, I suppose, also has its perks.

But enough of the overthinking. filmsCine and Angel nominated me for the Liebster (thank you guys!) and here are my answers to their questions.

From filmsCine, who writes awesome articles on all things movies:

  1. Snog, Marry, Avoid, Send to another planet: Jim Carrey, Sally Field, Dustin Hoffman, Cate Blanchett. Snog Blanchett, Marry Hoffman, Avoid Carrey, send Sally “sorrywhoisshe” Field to another planet.
  2. What’s your favourite film genre and why? Probably bildungsroman, which I suppose is a fancy way of saying “coming-of-age.” (V, if you’re reading this, pauso mo ‘to.)
  3. What’s the key ingredient to a truly fantastic film? Unity between form and content. It has to be well-crafted technique-wise, and it should be sending out a message that questions and/or breaks conventions.
  4. Which remake do you wish never happened? Haven’t watched the new Ghostbusters yet but it comes to mind. Just make a new film with an all-female cast, no need to smack them as re-casts in an already good movie.
  5. What do you do when you’re not blogging? Watch the Euro, read Saramago, go to work, shoot pictures.
  6. Would you rather have a coffee with Donald Trump or Kris Kardashian? Kris Kardashian, whoever she is.
  7. Gary Oldman’s best role? Haven’t watched a lot of his films but he was awesome as Sirius Black.
  8. Quentin Tarantino’s worst film? Maybe not the worst, but I didn’t enjoy Inglorious Basterds.
  9. If you could transport one character from one movie into another movie, who and what would it be? Asiong Salonga to She’s Dating the Gangster.
  10. What do you rate the movie Grease out of 10? Six, seven-ish.
  11. Do you think the moon landing happened or do you think the moon landing did not happen? It did.

From Angel, who writes poems heaving with youthful vigor:

  1. Who do you usually think about? Why are you always thinking about him/her?
    A guy named Nathan. Because pogi.
  2. What/Who makes you wake up? Hunger, or the need to pee.
  3. Take the Kinsey Scale test here. What did you get? Do you agree with it? Why or why not? Can’t access the link ‘teh, sorry.
  4. Are you more extroverted, or introverted? How does this affect the people around you? I’m an introvert. I suppose I don’t affect people in any way because I rarely see them.
  5. What kind of personalities do you find repulsive? None, really.
  6. What is your most memorable escapade? Why? I went to Tagaytay with friends, ate bulalo, peed behind a bahay kubo, then went home. Memorable because I was with friends, awww.
  7. What object do you value the most? Why? My books, because they’re one of the few things I have loved and am allowed to keep.
  8. Is there a movie that gave you some unexpected kind of epiphany? What is that movie? Christopher Nolan’s Memento. Epiphany: movies are the bomb!
  9. What is the last movie/TV show that you’ve watched? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not? Tonet Jadaone’s The Achy-Breaky Hearts. It’s just another Star Cinema romcom fluff.
  10. Tell something to your 17-yr. old self. Don’t be scared of things you think you can never be good at. One day, you’ll be an engineer and you’ll realize math ain’t that bad.
  11. How are you doing, today? So far France is one point over Germany in the Euro semis. I get to see Griezmann smiling so yeeeeah. 🙂

And because the Liebz (wuw) is supposed to help us discover new bloggers, I will nominate my own recent “discoveries”:

DJ R. of Reverse delay, whose website has some of the most well-written articles on Philippine society and culture. (UPDATE: DJ R’s Liebz in the comments!)

Carmina of Chasing Realities, a Manila girl who tours us around her city and writes insightful articles on Philippine literature, politics, and many more. (UPDATE: Carmina’s Liebz!)

Miggy of Miggy Neutron, whose blog may not be regularly updated but is still filled with engaging prose on seemingly random topics like cockroaches.(UPDATE: Miggy Neutron’s Liebz!)

Anje of Punjetry, who’s probably done the Liebz countless times but she’s very interesting and funny I want to read more from her. (UPDATE: Anje’s Liebz!)

demanille of DeManille, a girl boy from Tondo who writes thought-provoking articles on topics such as Islam and Cinemalaya. (UPDATE: demanille’s Liebz!)

I understand if you guys don’t do this award thing in your blogs. I would truly appreciate it though if you could take time to answer the following questions even just in the comments below. Other bloggers could answer too!

  1. Last non-English language movie that you liked?
  2. What’s your take on romantic comedies? Do you have a favorite?
  3. What’s a movie that you judge other people for liking?
  4. Is there a movie that is better than its book version?
  5. Favorite line in a song?
  6. Favorite song released before the year 2000?
  7. Name a website that you constantly visit aside from WordPress.
  8. Any opinions on Brexit?
  9. If you read poetry, name a poet that you like and his/her best piece.
  10. Name something—a movie, an app, a detergent brand, whatever— that you think is underrated.
  11. Any YouTube link you want to share?

As for question 11, here’s a YouTube video everyone might enjoy:


  1. DJ R.

    Sobrang salamat for the generous nomination. 🙂 I’m answering here:

    Last non-English language movie that you liked?

    Lav Diaz’s Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis. Because it’s so intimate yet so epic, but probably also because of Stockholm Syndrome.

    What’s your take on romantic comedies? Do you have a favorite?

    I have nothing against them. Maybe 500 Days of Summer.

    What’s a movie that you judge other people for liking?

    I can’t answer this without judging myself too, haha!

    Is there a movie that is better than its book version?

    I want to cop out again here, because I really think books and movies are different experiences. I’d say though, at least, that the HP7 films were just as good as the book.

    Favorite line in a song?

    Well, my blog “Reverse delay” gets its name from a line in a Taken by Cars song. Plugging aside, there’s an unforgettable line from the chorus of Fall Out Boy’s Hum Hallelujah: ‘A teenage vow in a parking lot / “Till tonight do us part”’. Vivid, ironic, sharp, just the way I like it.

    Favorite song released before the year 2000?

    From the top of my head, Ang Huling El Bimbo.

    Name a website that you constantly visit aside from WordPress.

    Ars Technica, a tech site that goes beyond pointless unboxing videos, and actually tries to discuss social issues.

    Any opinions on Brexit?

    It bothers me that, according to opinion pieces I’ve read, the Leave campaign used rhetoric that worryingly echoed Donald Trump’s. There is really a sense that humanity is backsliding somewhat, as a whole, in terms of overcoming hatred and discrimination.

    If you read poetry, name a poet that you like and his/her best piece.

    I don’t read too much poetry, but I’ve read Lourd de Veyra’s Insectissimo! collection, and blessings be upon this poet who dared to—and massively succeeded at—portraying the tremendous tension and subsequent satisfaction of a good sh*t. Sorry, not sorry. Look for the piece entitled ‘X’.

    Name something—a movie, an app, a detergent brand, whatever— that you think is underrated.

    My new, shiny, payed-for-with-hard-earned-money laptop, an Asus Zenbook UX305. Well, the latest premium Windows laptops in general are underrated. Apple Macs are great, but companies like Asus can now produce laptops with 95% of the quality at only half the price.

    Any YouTube link you want to share?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jolens

      Thanks for doing this! 🙂 Never knew about Ars Technica and the Zenbook, so thanks for the recom! I actually considered getting a Zenbook because of this comment but the upcoming MacBook Pro is sooo tempting. Pero ilusyonada lang naman talaga ako kasi wala pa akong pera haha. Thank you ulit! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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