Two green dots

1. I don’t have a car anymore. I will have to get used to getting around the city by bus, which doesn’t suck as much in the summer but ugh, fuck winter.

2. My friends and I are going on a picnic at Emily Murphy and I feel bad that J has to drive all the way north just to pick me up. I might just Uber my way home. Two days in and I already hate not having a car.

3. I’ve been putting off my review for The Achy Breaky Hearts and, as per personal rule, I can’t watch other movies before I tick it off of my to-do list.

4. I hate that Portugal won the Euro, but only because it essentially seals CR7’s win for the Ballon d’Or (I know he didn’t play the full match but that’s not how this “best striker from the team who won the most trophies” award works). Otherwise, congrats Portugal!

5. I’m supposed to have a dental appointment next week but I’m not sure how to get to the clinic without a ride. I might just take the Uber or the bus, but god this is awful! If only my teeth were perfectly aligned I would spend my savings not on orthodontic treatment but on a cheap, low-maintenance car.


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