I almost hit a deer!

SO I WAS on my way to work yesterday and everything was chill — music was great, Hozier’s “Work Song” I believe, and I was actually running a few minutes early until PUTANG INA MAY USA!!! There was a fucking deer who popped out of the bushes and ran across the road like he fucking owned it! Walang abiso bes!

It was almost a Rory Gilmore moment except 1) my car wasn’t parked and 2) the deer did not hit me. Glad I was only going 100 kph, otherwise I would have had to spend boatloads of money (that I currently don’t have) to have my car fixed. And of course the deer would have gotten smooshed and I would’ve had to deal with a roadkill of my own doing. Stress baks!

Four years in this country and now I have my first — and hopefully last — close encounter with a deer. Lesson learned: never take those yellow road signs for granted. Also, always keep a good distance away from the car in front of you. This story would have gone completely differently had there been other cars around.

Photo from Canva


  1. pinoytransplant

    Gagong usa, nag-jay walking? Unfortunately it is a reality of life in many states. Here in Iowa where I live, the odds of having a collision with a deer is quite high. I don’t know what state you live, but 2016 data showed that the top 5 states of having deer vs car collision are: West Virginia, Montana, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and South Dakota.

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