Reckless Poem

Here, a Mary Oliver poem that I keep going back to and which I am sharing in the off chance that some other soul may find solace in it too


The featured image is a Mary Oliver photo lifted from Tate.


          1. Jolens

            Ayyy. Shet. Wala naman, mababaw lang — kasi hopeful ‘yung overall tone, and its sense of hope is hinged on a prayer being heard and answered “whether or not / you have ever dared to pray.”

            E assuming ako, feeling ko may particular impact sa ‘yo ‘yun dahil minsan kang nag-struggle (sa luma mong work?) at malakas ang faith mo (kino-consider mong mag-madre?).

            Baka mali ako, Krish. Feelingera ko lang talaga hahaha. πŸ™‚

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          2. Krishel

            Haha. Kyot! Actually tama ka naman. Yun talaga yung nagustuhan ko sa kanya. Haha! Gusto ko din yung Sleeping in the Forest niya. Ang attached niya sa nature no?

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          3. Krishel

            Nabigatan ako dun teh. Yung “I wanted the past to go away” yung napa LUUUUUH! ANG BIGAT talaga ako. Tsaka yung sa part na I wanted to be able to love pero we know how that one goes something… huhu.

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