Sunday Currently #1

Today’s a Monday, I know, but this is my blog, so let’s follow my rules. (And I’m sure the creator of this tag won’t mind? Or at least I hope they don’t).

Anyhoo, I am currently

reading America Is Not The Heart by Elaine Castillo, and it’s hitting way too close to home;

writing this post and a thinkpiece (charot) on OPM and migration. The second one doesn’t seem to be taking shape though — I just don’t have the discipline to do research, prfft;

listening to Eraserheads’ “Sino Sa Atin” off the under-appreciated “diket-diket” album Natin99;

thinking that I really do like Natin99. Legit, beh. Enjoying this album comes with age, I think; I just never cared for it when I was younger. But now? Dude. “Kahit Ano” is the barkada anthem. “Tama Ka,” “Maselang Bahaghari,” “Pop Machine,” “May Sumasayaw” — damn solid bangers, I’m telling ya;

smelling tea, I guess. I’m currently drinking decaf green tea and eating cake. I love cake. I think cake is my favorite junk food ever;

wishing for zero glitches when I do my inspections tomorrow;

hoping that I get to paint again soon;

wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of denim pekpek shorts;

loving the Natin99 album. I swear I’m not being ironic!

wanting a looper pedal. ‘Tang ina netong Natin99 e, nakaka-inspire magpatche-patche rin ng kanta (feeling??);

needing some serious artistic inspiration to create something beautiful;

feeling steady…is “steady” a feeling? But have you heard of the song “Perfect Day”? By Lou Reed? That slow, almost stoic pace is how exactly I’m feeling right now. It’s a snowy Thanksgiving Monday and, for the most part, I really have nothing to complain about.

The featured photo was taken last year, probably on just a regular winter weekday. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


  1. rAdishhorse

    Andami ko paborito dito sa Natin99 (listening to it now)… Pati lyrics diket diket din (Puno na ang labada, utak ay hindi pa, wala pa rin tatalo sa Alaska)… May vinyl crackle sa umpisa at ending ng Tama Ka… Daming tungkol sa break-up (Sumasayaw, Tama Ka, Sino sa Atin, Kilala).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jolens

      Vinyl crackle pala ang term para d’un. Good to know, haha. Sticker Happy pa rin favorite ko sa Eheads pero mas na-appreciate ko itong Natin99 ngayong tanderz na ako. Siguro pagsampa ko ng trenta lalalim na rin ang appreciation ko sa Carbon Stereoxide, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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