Sunday Currently #2

The sun is out today. It is cold, still, but that’s what autumn is — a season of contrasts. The rays are bright enough to slice through the chill. My, I love idyllic Sundays.

I might go out for a walk later. I might also head to the gym, or maybe I’ll just stay at home and concoct a meal plan for the rest of the week. Ah, we’ll see.

And just to beef up this post, here’s another update. I am currently

reading Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov — I wanted to read something short this time;

writing this post and nothing else; I don’t think I can pull off the OPM and migration piece, but I might — emphasis on might — write something on K-Pop non-hits;

listening to “Mary’s Boy Child” on YouTube; no other holiday can match the festivities (and consumerism, choz) brought about by the Christmas season;

thinking about Christmas just now; I saw on Twitter last week that ABS-CBN’s upcoming station ID should be a big pasabog now that they have Regine Velasquez; sheght I’m so excited;

smelling tea, just like last time; and I am also eating cake — told ya it’s a habit;

wishing that I get my abs and arms toned by the end of the year; I eat cake a lot, yes, but I’ve also been working out quite often so this should be doable;

hoping that…wait, how is this different from “wishing”?

wearing black leggings and an oversized blue shirt;

loving the autumn weather; if only it would stay like this all year round;

wanting new workout clothes; I’ve been using the same cheap-ass running shoes for the last three years, and I only have two pairs of workout leggings; someday I want to invest on quality gym wear pero kuripot si acoe so saka na;

needing to re-charge my work phone; the battery died last Friday so if shit had happened between then and now and they weren’t able to reach me — well then I’m fucked;

feeling paranoid, now that I started thinking about work.

Hay, trabaho na naman bukas. Ang hirap kumita ng pera, ano?

The featured image was taken today, Sunday. These are the flowers my dad gave my mom for her birthday.


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