Sunday Currently #3

Let’s do away with the usual kuda and go straight at it. I am currently

reading tweets, recaps, and articles about The Good Place, an American television show that I binge-watched this weekend; my favourite piece, so far, is Shawn Adler’s “A Moral Defense of Chidi’s Swoleness: An Ethical Examination of Abs in ‘The Good Place'”;

writing this post and another document that summarizes my notes on non-TGP articles I’ve read recently (e.g. Susan Sontag’s “Against Interpretation” and Gary Bettinson’s “Wong Kar Wai and the Poetics of Hong Kong Cinema”);

listening to the ticking of the clock and the humming of the furnace; I’m already in Sleep Mode so no more music;

thinking about how my weekend went — even though I didn’t leave the house and celebrated Halloween like a typical twenty-something living on This Side of the World, I still think my weekend was well spent;

smelling the fragrance of Ivory shower gel (I just took a warm shower a few minutes ago);

wishing that tomorrow will be a good kind of Monday — the kind that doesn’t remind me every 10 minutes that Friday is still five days away;

hoping that every policeman who abuses their power gets a special torture surprise in The Bad Place;

wearing shorts and an oversized t-shirt, what else;

loving the Barcelona win against Real Madrid this morning; it was 5-1, you guys, and if you’re into football, that scoreline is bonkers;

wanting — this is odd, hmm, because I can’t think of anything I want right now;

needing to drink more water every day, I guess;

feeling sleepy, and rightfully so.

Have a good night, kids. And may we all have a stress-free, productive Monday.

The featured image is a photo of my soulmate Manny Jacinto that I got from here.


      1. Thea

        Yung jug ko kasi 1 liter siya tapos ang laki nung mouth. Wala siyang spout so parang nalulunod ako and ending hindi ko maubos. Eh may nagregalo sakin ng tumbler na may straw, ginawa ko nilalagay ko dun sa 1 liter na jug. So napansin ko nung nakastraw ako mas regulated yung pag-inom ko, yung di ako nalulunod kahit ang dami kong iniinom.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Jolens

          Ay oo nga ano? Minsan din feeling ko nakakasuya uminom ng tubig, lalo na ‘pag nasa point na inuubos mo na lang ‘yung laman ng jug to meet a target. Sige, try ko bumili ng tumbler na may straw! Thanks Thealinz! 😀


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