Sunday Currently #4

I AM OUT of sorts again. I won’t bore you with the details but just to stay on brand, I am currently

reading an anthology of Filipino speculative fiction from the early 2000’s; one of the stories called “The Secret Origin of Spin-man” by Andrew Drilon is a genuine mood booster, i.e. nakakataba ng puso;

writing this post and nothing else;

listening to Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Maps”;

thinking that many of my failures in life may have been caused by my tendency to procrastinate every, god, damn, time;

smelling chamomile tea;

wishing that I have a life coach or maybe a best friend who will guilt-trip me into getting my shit together;

hoping that I realign my life to its steady state by the end of this week;

wearing a shirt and a pair of shorts, which are also what I’m wearing in the komiks up top;

loving the warmth of the tea I’m drinking;

wanting money; lots and lots of money;

needing money; lots and lots of money;

feeling, um, stressed? Tired? Disappointed in myself? All of those, I guess.

Hay, Jolens. Why can’t you be someone else? 😞


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