I WATCHED six movies this month. Five out of six were romance films; the odd one out was Captain Marvel.

I didn’t write notes about these movies. I didn’t even think about them that much. I needed to rest my mind; I had enough shit to worry about this month.

When I watched Alone/Together I cried practically the entire time. I didn’t, no — I couldn’t think too much about the film. I don’t even remember anything about it; I just know that the tears started pouring the moment I saw CAL.

I also watched Shift. I didn’t cry but I almost did. I considered jotting some notes but I read DJ’s review and I figured he’s said it all. I enjoyed the movie though. Masakit e, ‘tang ina.

A Second Chance I didn’t like so much. Psh, I actually didn’t like it at all. It was unnecessarily long and the lines were too saccharine (saccharine?) like they were explicitly written for retweets and memes. You are my ‘what is’ blahblahblah…uhgk!

Exes Baggage was meh. I love talk-y films, I love it when the characters just talk and talk and talk, and I love when the dialogs are both smart (#pretentious) and funny. I didn’t enjoy Exes’ banters because the lines were interchangeable. Girl could say Guy’s lines and vice versa and it wouldn’t make much difference. Keri lung.

I was pleased with Ulan. I started listening to the Rivermaya song a lot. Daan-daang nakaraan / ibinabalik ng simoy ng hangin. I miss home, man. (I have a word in mind, placelessness, but I will read about it some other time.)

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about March. Malungkot lang talaga ang Marso ko, mga anak. I hope in April I have happier stories to tell. I hope we all have a better April.


  1. drsixto

    Try That Thing Called Tadhana, talk-y film, the characters just talk and talk and talk, and the dialogs are both smart, definitely pretentious and kinda funny.

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