Sunday Night Sadness

IT IS ONE of those nights again.

Two words come to mind: lethargic, as DJ would say, and languorous, which according to Google means “oppressive stillness.” Now isn’t that accurate?

It must be the loneliness, I don’t know, but I don’t even have the energy to write anything tonight. I’ve been collecting sadness though, and I’ve been disposing them onto my sketchpad. Go and have a look. And if you don’t mind, dear stranger, please send hugs if you could. 😦

Gusto kong marinig ang boses mo
Gusto kong halikan ang labi mo
Gusto kitang yakapin hanggang umaga

(mula sa kantang “Gusto” ng fando & lis)

I went out the other night. First of summer, kind of, parked car yes but no shining city lights. I was walking back to the house when I looked up to see a starless sky. A song was on blast, “he’s home, he’s home”, but no I was not. Strange place, warm night, starless skies are breathless sighs.

Mahawakan ko sana / ang pag-ibig ko sa ‘yo

(mula sa kantang “Makahiya” ng Ang Bandang Shirley)


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