Music Questions, and other stories

Do you have any fan merchandise that is unusual?

I don’t think so, no. I was a broke-ass kid so I was never the type to spend money on fan merch.

I used to be surrounded by artists though, and they used to give me the coolest hand-made gifts. A teacher once gave me a wooden kunai (the ninja weapon from Naruto) which he carved out of mahogany. A schoolmate also gifted me a guitar pick with the Natin99 pattern that he painted himself. The paint (acrylic?) easily chipped off when I started using the pick, and so this guy reminded me that the gift wasn’t made for actual use: “pang-collector’s item kasi ‘yan!” Shet sorry naman! Haha.

The first album you bought?ย 

2-in-1 Series: Color It Red. I saved money for this, baks. I rarely went to music stores in high school because, one, I lived in a secluded boarding school, and two, CD’s cost a fortune.

The few times that I visited a record store I would always see those 2-in-1 releases from Sony BMG. They were essentially two discs’ worth of best-of compilations from popular 90’s artists like Eraserheads, Yano, Rivermaya, etc.

I decided that if I were to buy a CD, I would buy one of these packages para sulit. I also figured that since I already had most of Eheads’ and Yano’s songs in my 500Mb mp3 player, I might as well invest on an artist whose songs I couldn’t easily download off of Limewire.

And so I went with Color It Red. No regrets, pare, kasi some of my favorite Color It Red songs are not even on Spotify today. Best tracks: I Need You Here, How Love Left Me, and Dalawa. Yiiiie. โค

Your first concert?ย 

Eraserheads’ The Final Set! Omygahd poknat I kennaaaattt!!! Hahaha.

Okay, so here’s the story. I missed the first reunion concert because, again, I was broke. I was a minor at that time, e magkano lang naman ang baon ko n’un? So when I learned that the first concert was cut off and that the second set would push through at a later date, I took it as a sign. I swore to myself that I would be there by hook or by crook, by kidney or by atay.

I spent my days on a strawberry shake diet and saved P500 to buy a general admission ticket (I also chose to keep both kidneys, thanks for asking). I went to the concert with two high school friends. We could barely see the band from 10 million miles away but we still sang along to every song in unison with Ely and with the tuna-packed crowd of the MOA Arena. Ang saya!

The band ended the concert by doing a collective bow with arms placed across each other’s shoulders (“group huuug!”). Afterwards people started stepping out of the lot, but my friends and I decided to move closer to the stage (“baka makita natin si Raims!”). And then boom, tumugtog ‘yung intro ng Ligaya — may encore amputaaa!!! Ang lapit nameeeennn!!! Wooooooo!!!

The peeps who already stepped out started running back in, but the three of us were determined to power through the crowd. Nakipagbalyahan kami ‘teh! When everybody had settled in on their spots, the first thing I did was look for my friends and make sure that they didn’t get smooshed and were still alive. I found where they were, we made eye contact to tell each other that we were safe, and then we went back to screaming sagutin mo lang ako aking sinTA’Y walang humPAY na LIGAYAAA!!! Ang inteeenze, haha.

Anyway, we eventually left the concert grounds and I noticed that my slipper-clad feet had turned ashy grey after standing and running and jumping on the dusty concrete floor for two hours straight. So there we were, three skinny girls with negative net worths, enjoying the music induced euphoria on a busy roadside and laughing at our own kadugyutan. Sayaaaa!

A few minutes later and one of our anak-mayaman schoolmates who bought a more expensive ticket showed up and joined us. “Putang ina guuuys!” she screamed. “Puti ‘tong sapatos ko kanina pero ngayon itim na!”

For some reason I found this moment amusing. A soshal girl who had P8000 to spare just screamed “putang ina” with no regard for grace and finesse, and her feet looked just as dugyot as ours. Eheads transcends class boundaries, I thought, and I knew this was a reach but, you know — you get the point. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you been to festivals?ย 

No, I — yeah, no, I don’t think I have.

Ever considered joining a fan club? Which one?

I haven’t either. I only fangirl with friends, and I rarely reach out to strangers with similar interests. Nakakahiya e, haha.

What song introduced you to a new genre?

“Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” introduced me to hip-hop music outside of the usual Kanye-Eminem-Kendrick fare. I learned about Hopsin via This Guy who once asked me what kind of music I listen to, and of course I admitted to being a pophead.

“And you?” I asked back.

“I love hiphop,” he said. “There’s this song by Hopsin that echoes everything that’s bothering me right now.”

Juicy ampota, so I listened to the song and I ended up liking it. I don’t talk to the guy anymore but I still listen to Hopsin, hehe.

What do you think about TV and movie soundtracks?ย 

Grey’s Anatomy has pretty good songs and I like some tracks from How I Met Your Mother. Movie-wise, I will always love the entire 500 Days of Summer OST. Ganda e.

Do you choose particular albums depending on the mood?

Don’t we all? Charing. But yeah, of course I do. Just last week I was on an Outerhope loop. Solid na throwback, pare; I sort of miss the days when Terno was the shit hihi.

Ever made a mixed CD?ย 

Hello, ako pa ba? Hahaha. I have a lot of stories to tell about this but I’ll share them some other time. ๐Ÿ˜›

Have you ever met a singer or a band member personally?

I’ve interviewed a few, and I’ve joined friends while they were interviewing other artists too. I won’t drop names though, baka hanapin n’yo e. Haha.

The old days of music were the better ones. Do you agree?ย 

Most of my lifelong favorites will be from the songs of my youth, but I don’t think the world will ever run out of new music that is worth listening to.

Have you ever seen a band live and regretted it? Which one?

Not really, no, but just like rAdishhorse, I sometimes regret the after-effect of the gig experience — hangover, lack of proper sleep, etc. There was this one time when I went to Saguijo to see Up Dharma Down and — ako lang ba ‘to pero don’t they always play late, like always after 2am or something?

Anyway I loved the band so they were worth the puyat, but the following morning I woke up to severe — az in severe — menstrual cramps. I was dehydrated, I was alone in the boarding house, and I didn’t have ibuprofen with me. I wanted to text my friends and ask for help, but I wasn’t sure what to tell them. “Hello sakit puson ko padala food + gamot please?” Hmm.

Medyo OA pero sobrang sakit talaga kaya akala ko ikamamatay ko huhuhu. I survived though — I just stayed in bed the entire time and it took a full day until I could leave the house, get some food, and pop an Advil. Hay buhay. Gig-gig pa kasi e! Haha.

Have you ever covered a song and recorded it? Which one?ย 

Again: hello, ako pa ba? Hahaha.

Have you ever quoted lyrics and why?ย 

Quoted in what? Hmm. I’ve quoted lyrics in conversations, yes. It’s a cool way to emphasize a point, I think, because it proves that some other person has thought about the same shit and they cared about it enough to turn it into art and put it in a song.

Do you have a song as a ringtone?ย 

Nope. I stopped caring about phones in 2008 and every time I get a new phone I just put it on silent mode and keep all the settings on default.

Which CD cover has the most beautiful artwork?

This question deserves its own post, hehe.

I will tell you, however, that I am thinking about buying Ben&Ben’s Limasawa Street album. It’s not a CD (the songs are stored in a flash drive), but the package comes with postcards, and the album cover can be fashioned into a lamp. It’s one of the most interesting album artworks out there; ang mahal nga lang ng pesteng shipping kaya pinag-iisipan / pinag-iipunan ko pa.

(Hanggang ngayon wala pa rin akong pera, haha.)

In your opinion, who does the best stage show?ย 

I don’t think I have watched enough shows to have a benchmark on what makes a good show, so…

Do you prefer a chronological order or alphabetical or both of your CDs?

I only own four, five CD’s so I don’t really care.

The saddest love song isโ€ฆ?ย 

“Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn. Woops.

Does a good band need a good video? Do you have a favorite video?

I don’t think a song’s value should be measured based on a completely different medium that requires a completely different set of resources to make. So no, a band does not need to have dope videos, if at all, for them to be considered good. (What makes good anyway?)

As for favorite videos, umm, I don’t think I have any, but I do like the music video for Bamboo’s “Muli.” I love the song, the story, the comics art, etc. Most importantly, though, nakukyutan talaga ako sa bida. Hihi. โค

I told my friend V about this, na sobrang pogi n’ung guy character sa video, and he was like, “Pogi nga ‘no? Parang siya ‘yung tipong makakasabay mo mag-order ng food sa CASAA tapos sabay n’yong aabutin ‘yung plato tapos titingin siya sa ‘yo at siya pa ang magso-sorry.” ‘Tang ina oddly specific, V?? Hahaha.

Would you get a tattoo of your favorite band? Which one?ย 

I wouldn’t. Kinakabahan nga ako baka ma-reveal na sexual predators pala sila, ganyan. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

What do you use to find new music? i.e., Spotify, Deezer, etc.ย 

Spotify, YouTube, WordPress, Twitter — the internet, basically.

What is your latest music discovery?

“Limรณn y Sal” by Julieta Venegas.

Do you still buy CDs?ย 

Nope. Lakompera.

What do you love about music?

Ahh, good question. There’s a line that I love from a Regina Spektor song: “things I have loved I’m allowed to keep.” That’s what music is to me.

I grew up in a coastal area of a 4th class municipality and I had always known, even as a child, that I was bound to leave. At 11 I moved away from the coast and lived along the slopes of a mountain, a home that was just as impermanent. Eventually I settled in one of the busiest parts of the metro and I knew this was it. This was my city; I finally found a place that I loved and a place that loved me.

Obviously that didn’t last either.

Every day I struggle to accept that this Present State could be the end of the road for me, that this would be the closest to Permanence I could achieve. I struggle at keeping relationships and sustaining friendships because just like when I was 8, I can tell this isn’t it. I know the day would come when I would finally pack my bags and leave.

And through all these moving and leaving and turning my back to both people and places — there was music. I have always lived in transience; music will always be my constant.

I got the questions from Breeding Like Larva and I ended up sharing music stories that most of you would probably not care about, but I enjoyed telling them anyway. Wala akong kausap e, so kayo na lang. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. buddy71

    “Ahh, good question. Thereโ€™s a line that I love from a Regina Spektor song: โ€œthings I have loved Iโ€™m allowed to keep.โ€ Thatโ€™s what music is to me.” <—– nice. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jolens

      Mochichiiiii!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      True, haha. Iba talaga kapag walang makausap dito e, napapa-hanash nang ‘di oras. Gawin mo rin ito kung trip mo, Moch! Real talk tayo! Hehehe. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Jolens

      Oo naman, gawin mo rin ito! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Nalungkot naman ako n’ung nabasa ko ‘yung “I was bound to fail” huhu. Lagi ko ring naiisip ‘yan tungkol sa sarili ko, pero iba rin pala kapag narinig mo ‘yan na sinasabi ng ibang tao tungkol sa mga sarili nila. Yakap sa iyo! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      In any case, salamat talaga at nalikha ang musika ano? Gusto ko na rin tuloy malaman ang mga kantang bumuhay sa diwa mo. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Carmina Mones

    HOOOOOY BAAAAKS! Potacca potacca! Nasa Eheads concert din ako sa gen ad. My story was a bit different than yours. Bale sinabihan ko nanay ko na pag nakapasa ako sa thesis yun ang ibigay niyang regalo sa ‘kin. Day of thesis defense, after kami sentensyahan, umiiyak akong tumawag sa mama ko na umiiyak tapos sabi ko, “Nakapasa kami, bilhan mo na ‘ko ng ticket ng Eraserheads.” So binilhan niya ko tsaka yung kapatid ko tas kasama namin nanood yung kaibigan ko. Nung encore performance, nasa labas na kami, nagkataon lang na nasa tapat kami ng VIP entrance door nung narinig namin na pota meron pa! So takbo kami papasok pota best night ever! Nasa unahan rin kami hahahaha good times!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jolens


      Hay nako nakapasok ka sa VIP?? Suwerteeee! Hindi kami gan’un kalapit, pero at least nakikita na namin ‘yung hugis nina Ely :P. Sa Gen Ad kasi ‘tang ina sa screen mo lang talaga sila makikita e. Hahaha.

      At ang saya na thesis gift sa ‘yo ng mama mo ‘yung ticket! Sobrang sarap na reward!!! Grabe talaga ‘no? Ang saya-saya ng gabing ‘tooo! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Carmina Mones

        YEEEESSSS!!! Asar na asar ako nun kay Tim Yap kasi hindi niya alam lyrics nung Huling El Bimbo jirits tas nasa VVIP ka?! Sila yung mga tinapatan na ng microphone huhu kainis pero ang saya grabe may nags-slam-an malapit sa ‘min nun sa likod baka kasama kayo dun hahaha!


  3. SavingSupergirl

    I enjoyed reading this!! Like so much! Even though I’m not such a music enthusiast like yung level mo (haha) sobrang natuwa ako kasi ramdam ko yung emosyon sa lahat ng sagot mo. Never rin ako nag invest in buying CD’s or concerts when I was younger kasi same, wala rin akong pera, at hindi ako pinapayagan ng magulang ko. Hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jolens

      Aw, thanks Supergirl! ๐Ÿ˜€ Ako naman taga-probinsya parents ko so hindi ko na kailangang magpaalam kung manonood ako ng concert o ng gig. Pero ngayong mas matanda na ako, na-realize ko na mali pala ‘yun. Kung may anak ako maiinis ako sa kanya kung hindi siya magyayaya char. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. rAdishhorse

    I also grew up in a coastal area of a 4th or 5th class municipality. Pero di magaling/marunong lumangoy. Teka, tapos, you “lived along the slopes of a mountain”? Eh di ba taga S____ ka, yun marami rebels? Naalala ko tuloy movie ni Claudine at Aga.

    Tanaw ba talaga sa inyo yung Mayon? Kasi may isang scene dun sa movie, naglakad lang sila tapos biglang tanaw na nila yung Mayon. From your province, nakarating sila sa bandang Legazpi City or Sto. Domingo pero naglakad lang sila o sumakay lang ng tricycle.

    Medyo OK din yung movie na yun, food, cuisine, etc. Pwede mong siguro basahin as “right” or “conservative” yung tatay ni Claudine (played by Johnny Delgado). Tapos may scene dun na nagcha-chime in lang si Aga dun sa sinasabi ni Johnny, like the likes of Jericho’s character are salot, mga ganun.

    Di ko alam kung saan ko gustong papuntahin tong comment ko. Naalala ko lang gusto mag comment dito dati pa. Btw, alam mo ba na nakapanood ako ng Eheads Reunion nang libre? Di ako nakanood ng Final Set kasi alaws arep.


    1. Jolens

      Haha, nangibang-bahay na ako n’ung hayskul so umalis na ako sa coast, sa bundok naman. Pero hindi ako namundok as in namundok ha! Nililinaw ko lang, mahirap na. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Napanood ko rin ‘yung movie na ‘yun! Gusto ko ‘yun, actually. Gusto ko na hindi necessarily antagonistic ‘yung portrayal sa rebelde (pero hindi pa rin ako rebelde, inuulit ko lang, haha).

      Hindi kita sa amin ‘yung Mayon, imbento lang nila ‘yun. Hahaha.

      Hindi ko alam na nakalibre ka ng ticket!! Pa’no?? Ano kuwento??? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


      1. rAdishhorse

        Hahaha. Di ko nga ginamit yung term na โ€˜yun. Ewan ko ba, favorite topic ng mga kababayan natin dito sa work ko yung ABS CBN.. tuwing lunch break, pag kakain sa gabi.. tang inang sense of justice nila โ€˜yan. Tsaka basa ko lang, parang may isang senador na gusto sumunod sa yapak nung immortal na matanda. Ito lang ang masasabi ko, hindi nauulit ang history. At pasasaan pa at babagsak din ang rehimen, regardless kung ano ang pananaw ng ibang tao, ng mga kasama ko dito.. matauhan man sila o hindi.. ok, ayun lang masyado na madrama to.. hahaha

        May mga mailing list dati, yahoo groups (di pa ganun ka sikat si Google). Listers ako sa Pupil at Marcus Highway. Yung Reunion Concert, parang the week or few days before, parang matutuloy sya na hindi. Di rin ako talaga masyado umasa na makakanood kasi walang pera.

        Pero buti may friend ako na marami insiderโ€™s info (or lagi sya nagbabasa ng messages sa mailing list, ako, hindi), email ko lang daw yung name ko sa ganitong email (email add ni marcus, email ng pupil, sandwich) then makakapasok kami sa concert. parang one name per email lang. so in-email ko yung name ko.

        Parang 1 day or 2 days before the concert, nag confirm (di ko na maalala kung sumagot sa email or thru dun sa friend ko) na magdala lng ng ID at makakapasok kami sa gate. Tapos sabi pa, yung mga nag email ng multiple names kay marcus, ok, approved din. Eh, name ko lang nilagay ko.. sana pala sinama ko na yung buong angkan ko, no?

        So ayun, punta kami sa venue, pacheck ng pangalan sa gate tapos pasok na kami sa VIP area. VIP area meeeehn. sa likod lang kami ng mga artista na nasa SVIP. kasama namin yung mga listers at meron din mga musicians/friends, mga banda banda ganun. tapos meron kaming split second appearance dun sa Eheads DVD. Yeah!


        1. Jolens

          Lahat sila ayaw sa ABS-CBN? Hmm. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ “Babagsak din ang rehimen” — hahaha, char, pero true, hay, sana nga. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

          Waaaah naka-VIP ka??? Bakit ba hindi ako sumasali sa listers group noon! Bakit ba kasi walang internet sa bundok namin e, choz.

          May equivalent ba ng listers groups ngayon? Share mo naman, baka may mga pa-concert sa future, gusto ko ring makalibre hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜€


          1. rAdishhorse

            Lahat sila ayaw sa ABS-CBN? — Hindi, lahat sila dedeebs. They actually buy into that crap. People actually buy into this shit. Ito yun gusto ko sabihin dun sa comment ko sa post ni cheesecake. Sabi nya mostly trolls daw yung nasa online. May point is no, some people (or a lot of people, esp. people overseas) actually believe and mimics what that the trolls say, the propaganda. (Condescending ba yung mimic?) And interacting with them IRL is whole lot different kind of shit than interacting with them online.

            Okay, I probably making it sound so bad here. Di naman. At di naman talaga ako nakiki-interact. Nakikinig lang ako. Tapos magra-rant ako dito sa blog mo. But on FB, even some people from the office back in PI, nagtatalo-talo sila. Hahaha. Imagine mo nalang pag sa meeting sila ganun. Haha.. Magdadala talaga ako maraming popcorn. And yes, most of the dedeebs I know are from the middle, or lower middle.

            Wala na Yahoo Groups eh. Yung mga bands puro FB page na lang. May free concert yung Tubero, gusto mo? Naka post video FB nila. Hahaha


        2. Jolens

          Ito ‘yung reply ko sa comment mo sa ibaba, na for some reason ay nahanap ko sa spam folder. Weird, haha.

          Anyway, naku, ang hirap siguro mapaligiran ng mga taong hindi mo katulad ng pananaw, ‘no? Ako baliktad e, parang wala talaga akong kakilalang DDS. Pero I agree with you, marami ngang tao ‘yung may tendency na maniwala sa mga nababasa/nakikita nila online, lalo na kung convenient para sa kanila ‘yung nababasa/nakikita nila. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

          Never ka talaga sumasawsaw sa mga usapan at all? Haha. Nai-imagine ko, parang nakakapagod nga, lalo na kung saradong-sarado na talaga ‘yung utak ng mga kausap mo. Ano kaya mangyayari sa mga DDS post-Duterte ‘no? ‘Yung politicians madali lang maglipat-partido, pero pa’no ‘yung mga celebrity gaya nina Mokha? Hmm.

          Hahaha Tubero ampots. Ang kalat masyado! Hahaha.


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