All Nighter

I just submitted two write-ups for a part-time job and now I have to work on another technical report for another job. The report is due tomorrow. It seems like I’m about to hand in a 20-page shitfest but, to be honest, I don’t really care about it anymore. I’m ready to take a big L on this one. Que sera sera, Jolens. Life goes on.

All these technical write-ups that I’ve been pulling out my ass have made me realize how badly I enjoy casual essay writing. Casual, which basically refers to the kind of essay writing most of us bloggers do. Casual, like it’s just me speaking to all of you.

Writing this way isn’t particularly difficult, is it? You just write whatever comes to mind, grammar be damned. This isn’t the kind of writing that gets celebrated, but at least it’s easy. I do enjoy the ease to be honest. I grew up writing while carrying the weight of the nation’s hefty taxes on my shoulders that blogging anonymously has been a huge breath of relief.

Anyhow, because I still have to finish that friggin’ technical report I will just share with you a quick rundown of the blog posts that I’ve been working on recently. Blogging is easy for sure, but I’m still me and I still aspire for the occasional pagmamarunong and pagmamaganda. Alam n’yo naman ako, sadyang feelingera.

So I’ve been working on a piece called Stories We Don’t Tell, and it’s about a childhood memory that I have when I woke up one stormy night in Bicol and I saw a vampire standing by our kitchen table. I’m pretty sure my brother also saw the same thing, but I knew nobody would believe us and so I kept the story to myself, hence the title.

I also started consolidating my notes on Irene Villamor’s Ulan. There’s an essay by Sigmund Freud called “Creative Writers and Day-dreaming,” and its insights seem uncannily parallel to what Ulan is about. Maya is a creative writer after all, and I think Freud’s musings on child’s play and “phantasy” can be applied to a specific reading of the bildungsroman narrative in Ulan. (Can you get any more feelingera than this, papi?)

Lastly, I also started writing a listicle called 10 of my Favourite 2NE1 Songs. The band celebrated their 10-year anniversary recently and I just have to give them a nod, you know?

And that’s it pansit. Akala mo naman kegaganda ng mga hanash ko e ‘no? Maybe one day I will take it back, this, whatever I said about casual writing being easy. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is just one of the things that I tell myself so I don’t feel as bad for being a big-ass failure. Ah, life.

Please wish me luck on my report anyway, and I also wish you all a stress-free Monday. 😀


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