September (Hear Me Speak)

I am copping out on my September log. I have a bazillion things to do, and I just don’t have the energy nor the time to think and write about my life. Nakakapagod!

In lieu of a September post I have an audio recording of my August log. Yez baks, that’s right. I talked to Yin of Kaharuhay the other day and she mentioned that I could start a podcast by just reading my blog posts aloud. E uto-uto naman ako, plus I really needed a quick sanity break, so here we are:

[sorry I had to remove it]

And that’s all I have for last month (which isn’t really about last month). If you do end up listening to the thing, just please keep in mind that I sound nothing like that in person, okay? Wala lang, inuunahan ko lang kayo.

Have a great week ahead, everyone! πŸ™‚


  1. buddy71

    of course you sound like that in person. we never really β€œhear” how we sound since we hear only how we sound as we speak through us and not at us. a recording is how we sound to others and it really is us. lol

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    1. Jolens

      Isleees! Narinig ko na rin ang podcast voice mo! Pinakinggan ko ‘yung guesting mo d’un sa isang podcast tungkol sa iyong retail job experience! Kahit ako na-stress sa naging trabaho mo! Hahaha.

      ‘Pag nag-podcast ako mag-guest ka rin ha, please? Hehehe. πŸ˜‚


    1. Jolens

      ‘Di ko alam pa’no beh! Hahaha. ‘Pag sinipag ulit ako mag-record sige, hanapan ko ng paraan. (Wuw, feeling ko talaga may demand ano? Hahaha. πŸ˜‚)


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