Sunday Currently #5

It is almost 2am on a Monday and I have just completed all my tasks for Sunday but I still feel like writing a post before I finally, finally go to sleep — so currently I am

reading Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata, which I would probably finish tonight (this morning) while I wait for Sleep to kick in;

writing this post and a bazillion other things for school and for work;

listening to my “Panggabi” playlist;

thinking that I am too tired to think about anything right at this moment;

smelling nothing in particular;

wishing that I could re-calibrate the universe so I could live my life as a trophy wife or a non-showbiz girlfriend;

hoping that I do better in my next electromagnetics exam (I failed the first one hay buhay);

wearing an oversized shirt and a pair of gray leggings;

loving nothing right now, unfortunately;

wanting to die charet bad joke sorry;

needing a do-over on life hayayayay;

feeling tired, man. Nakakapagod din talagang mabuhay, ano po?

O s’ya, matutulog na ako. I hope you kids are living better lives, wherever you are.

The featured image has nothing to do with this post because gan’un talaga.


  1. yin

    Yung wishing part. kung puede lang noh na gawin mo lang gusto mo as frivolous trophy wife/non showbiz gf. Winiwish ko rin yan minsan. Haha. Anywaaay hope things turn out better, matatapos din yan.😊

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    1. Jolens

      True hahaha. Sabihin mo kay Mon (close??) na baka pwede siyang mag-artista. Char hahaha.

      Ikaw din Yinyin sana oks ka! Napakinggan ko recept ep ng Kaharuhay — sana mas okay ka ngayon kaysa nung Thanksgiving. Yakap yakap! 🤗


        1. Jolens

          So sabi sa Wiki, “The term Trophy wife or Tropaeum uxor refers to a wife who is regarded as a status symbol for the husband.”

          Usually ito yung mga hot na asawa ng matatandang mayaman. “Trophy” kasi pang-display lang, ganern, so medyo harsh yung term sa kababaihan.

          Pero ako, sa totoo lang, kung biniyayaan lang ng ganda mum, keri lang sa akin na maging trophy wife. Sa hirap ba naman ng buhay ngayon e, okay na yung may pera. Char hahaha.

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  2. Mitch

    Super relatable yung wanting to be a trophy wife, pero to a footballer lang para less showbiz. Haha. Also, living is really tiring. Sana may reset button, noh? I just really want to be a recluse or a hermit.

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    1. Jolens

      Sino football husband mo? Yung mga crush ko may mga asawa na e. Super crush ko dati si Griezmann pero di na siya pogi ngayon haha. Crush ko rin si Sergi Roberto pero yun nga, kasal na. Hahahaha.

      Sana nga may reset button ang life! 😑

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      1. Mitch

        I only have Mattia De Sciglio. He playa for Juve now but I knew him from Milan. He’s gorgeous but too private. Hahaha. he might be married to his long-time girlfriend, too.

        Hala, napa-Google tuloy ako kay Griezmann. He looks so different now! Whoa. Uy, Sergi is cute! Yan talaga mahirap sa mga footballers. They all marry young.

        Huhu. Yes. I could use one right now.

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          1. Mitch

            He is, di ba? Hehe. He’s a totally nice guy, too. He rarely starts for Juve na kaso. Mas okay pa dati yung chances niya sa Milan. He was even eyed as the future captain. 😦 But yes, he sometimes show up pa rin sa Champions League games. ❤️

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          2. Jolens

            Awww, bakit? Injury-prone ba siya? Sayang naman.

            Alam mo I feel like any football player with a long-term girlfriend is automatically a nice guy. Isipin mo sikat ka at physically fit, and you decide to commit to one girl? Taray! Hahaha.

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          3. Mitch

            Marami kasi silang defenders dun. The competition for starting place is fiercer. Plus, Allegri left Juve na rin eh. I think one of the the reasons why Mattia moved to Juve was because Allegri was the manager. Medyo injury prone rin siya.

            Yes, yes. I completely agree with that. Hahaha. Taray talaga! Kainggit yung ganun. Most pa talaga sa kanila kay they stayed together until now (except Kaka…huhu). My most fave nice guy kn football will always be Xabi Alonso. Argh. 😄

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          4. Jolens

            Oooh, sayang nga. Baka in a few lumipat na rin siyang States or China.

            +1 for Xabi Alonso! I never liked Real Madrid but he’s one of the (former) RM players that I genuinely enjoyed watching. I remember watching one interview in which he talked about raising his kids as Liverpool fans because he will always be a Liverpool fan — awww. Nakakatuwa. ❤

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          5. Mitch

            Huhu. I hope not. He’s never been anywhere else but in Italy. He’d miss the food. Lol. At least, that’s what most Italian footballers say when asked why they never moved to another league.

            He was a joy to watch, indeed. Even at Liverpool. He’s the coolest footballer ever. Hahaha. Hanapin ko yung interview na yan. Ang cute talaga ni Xavi. Hah. My fangirl heart. ❤️

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