I hit the gym today. After almost a year of not working out, I finally hit the gym today.

I’m not exactly sure what prompted me to visit the gym again. I finished all my urgent tasks at about 8:30 in the evening and I thought, hmm — maybe I should go the gym today.

On the way home from the gym I decided I would write about it, this, the going to the gym. I know myself. Something must have happened — something must have pushed me to walk into that gym and hop on that elliptical for half an hour (it’s not a lot but give me a break, will you?).

So, what gives?

Nothing much has been going in my life anyway. I only have school, work, school, and work. This morning I just went to two classes, one after another. After the second class I decided I would skip the third — it’s just a pass-or-fail one-unit class, that’s why. I usually see Pat on my way to the library and he’s the one who talks me into going to this third class. “They might announce something important,” he always says. Today I purposely walked another route so I could avoid Pat, but guess who I saw instead?

Ip. Of course it had to be Ip.

Ip saw me in the library and asked me to go to class with him (apparently he’s in that same class too). I felt bad for wanting to skip so I said yes, sure, I’ll go. We all sat together, Pat and Ip and I.

After class Ip asked us where we were going. I said I had a meeting with a prof and Pat said he had another class.

“What about you, where are you heading?” I asked Ip.

“I’m going out for lunch, then I’ll be back to work in the lab.”

“Should I find you after my meeting?”

“Hmm…maybe not,” he said. “It’s already crowded in my lab.”

“Okay then,” I said, and we all went our separate ways.

After the meeting I went to my lab to work on a project. I saw Em.

Em asked me about an assignment. We had a quick chat about it then he left the lab to talk to a prof. He came back and we worked on our separate projects until he left the lab again at around 7. He didn’t say goodbye.

I left the lab wanting to go to the gym even though those were pretty much what happened the entire day. What gives, me? Was it because I saw Ip? Was it because I was alone in the lab? Labs are not exactly a place of joy, aren’t they?

Man, I don’t know. I went straight home after working out, I ate rice and canned tuna for supper, and now I’m about to finish writing this, whatever this is. I’m tired. My thighs are a little sore, my heart feels a little heavy (why!), and my brain is hella fried.

For the first time in a long time, I might fall asleep before midnight tonight.


  1. Kim Z.

    After the first CrossFit class that I attended last year, I fell asleep during an office meeting. I guess my sedentary body then got completely drained. I showed up again the next day (different class) until it became routine, to the point na my workweek will not be complete without having visited the gym 3-4x per week. I like group classes because the only requirement is to show up. And then bahala na yung coach aka demonyo sayo.

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    1. Jolens

      you do crossfit? wow, hardcore ka girl! ang galing! right now i can only lift 20lbs of weight, haha. sobrang weak.

      i want to try crossfit one day too. siguro kapag may pera na, kasi when you sign up for classes you kinda have to commit to them e, ‘no?

      pero nice, ang husay na nagku-crossfit ka! ang galing! 🤘


      1. Kim Z.

        Hindi naman naging super hardcore kasi the coach modifies when there are weak people like me hahaha. I stopped this class. I attend more les mills classes now since they’re the available ones during morning. I hit the gym before I go to work because if I do it the other way, matatabunan ka lang din ng workload and might end up late in the office and no time to work out (unless you give up what will be left of your sleep dahil traffic pa).


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