Sunday Currently #6

Last week I got all my grades for the Winter Term. I also got an email from the regulatory board telling me how to register for my official designation. Shit’s real, man. Barring any major clerical fuck-up, I am all set to become an engineering padawan.

Unfortunately I have no job prospects at all. Non-essential businesses have shut down and a lot of companies have postponed recruitment. I did have a couple job interviews that went nowhere, so I am currently considering going to grad school.

Anyway, I’ll talk more about the future some other time. Let’s focus on the present for now, choz, so I am currently

reading articles from my browser’s Bookmarks list; I might write about them, the articles, just so I have something to add to this blog in the coming days;

writing this post, obviously, and another post I call “Sacred Shenanigans”;

listening to Imago’s “Effect Desired None”;

thinking that I really need to get a job;

smelling nothing in particular, but I do have a zit inside my nose so, ugh;

wishing for the COVID19 vaccine to be developed soon;

hoping that I get a job so I can pay off my loans;

wearing an oversized shirt and a flowy mini skirt;

loving all the Naruto clips on YouTube; I binge-watched Naruto videos the other night and Shikamaru is still (and will always be) my favorite character;

wanting to go to the beach and drink ice cold beer;

needing a job, hayayay, and money, of course, kasi who doesn’t need money in this economy;

feeling hmm — for the first time in a long time, I don’t feel tired at all. I guess that’s one thing to be grateful for?

So maybe I’ll end it at that: I am currently feeling grateful. This pandemic has brought me anxiety and all sorts of stress, but considering how things have been in other parts of the world, I and my family are still very lucky.

I feel for those who are not as fortunate, those who live in places where governments are straight-up despicable. Believe me, kids: people around here complain just as much. There is absolutely nothing wrong with demanding accountability from our government leaders, even if social media or self-help books tell us otherwise.

Take care, all!

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