Shuffle the Music #4

TODAY IS ONE of the days when I choose to write something vapid and easy. This is just another Shuffle the Music post, but I am adding a twist based on a Tumblr music survey. The survey rules are simple:

1) set your playlist on shuffle, and
2) write down the songs that come up for each of the given movie scenes.

Nice, ‘di ba? For this survey I will be shuffling my On Repeat playlist on Spotify. I am essentially building my life’s kunwa-kunwaring movie soundtrack, so I might as well use the songs that I currently love.


title song | Nandemonaiya, RADWIMPS

wake up scene | Alone Again, Betty Who

falling in love scene | Dreams, The Cranberries

fight scene | We’ll Be Fine, Banna Harbera

tragic death scene | Ribs, Lorde

mental breakdown | Glassmouth, Cheats

serious monologue | Open, Rhye

flashback | Not Your Year, The Weepies

driving scene | Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika, Jim Paredes et al

kiss scene | A Moment Like This, Kelly Clarkson

party scene | Dreams, Fleetwood Mac

ending song | Exploration No. 5, Reese Lansangan

The songs match the scenes, ‘no? Hindi ko sinadya, pramis. Those were indeed the songs that came up when I pressed play and hit “next” for each scene.

I guess the only weird match is the fight scene with Banna Harbera’s “We’ll Be Fine.” Maybe the scene is not a literal fight scene, as in bakbakan or sapakan, as I initially imagined. Maybe it’s really about the aftermath of a heated lover’s quarrel — naks, may lover??

The serious monologue is also odd, not because of the song — Rhye’s “Open” is one of the best songs to have ever graced this planet — but why play a song during a serious monologue? Maybe this is the part of the film that is deliberately incomprehensible, ergo abstract, ergo hipster, ergo me? Char hahaha.

Everything else is dope though. The title song from Kimi no Na wa never fails to, um, give me the feels. Movie-me then wakes up to Betty Who’s “Alone Again” and falls in love to Cranberries’ “Dreams” — yiiiee kilig. Even the mental breakdown scene makes sense (“and you say that there are strangers in my head / I don’t mind”), and the ending song too (“’cause this is how it starts / a thunderbolt through the heart”).

I love that almost every song is sung by a female vocalist. And yes, I do listen to Kelly Clarkson on repeat. Everything on this list is a pop song, actually, and I harbor no shame for loving pop. To be honest this quote soundtrack unquote is a fairly decent primer on my taste in music. It just needs one K-Pop song, one track each from Eheads and Dixie Chicks, and “Say Yes” from Elliot Smith — ahh, saya.

I will definitely watch this made-up movie for sure. In my mind it is a basic-ass romantic film, and I don’t care even if the plot is some regurgitated acidic barf — the soundtrack is a bop and, you know what, sometimes that is good enough.

Stay safe, everyone. Let’s hope this week goes better than the last.


        1. Jolens

          Holy moly magkatunog nga! Hay nako Pavement talaga! Hahahaha.

          Hindi ko sure kung nasa Good Will Hunting siya. Tagal ko na napanood ‘yun e, hehe.

          Pakinggan mo buong Either/Or sobrang ganda! As in! Da bezt! Hahahaha.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. rAdishhorse

            @Hay nako Pavement talaga! – Lolz hahaha
            Trivia: parang ex-gf ni Elliot ang bassist ng the Jicks.

            @Good Will Hunting: oo daw sabi sa wiki.. di ko pa npapanood yun

            @Either/Or: kaka-download ko lang… Hahaha


          2. Jolens

            Hindi ko kilala The Jicks e. Siya rin ba ‘yung same jowa na kasama niya n’ung nag-deads siya? 😦

            O ‘di ba ang ganda ng Either/Or?? Hehehe. 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          3. rAdishhorse

            Jicks yung backing band ni Malkmus (ex-Pavement), si Joanna Bolme.

            @jowa: Yata, di ko sure. Pero sya yung kasama sa last album ni Smith.

            @either/or: Yup. Kaya lang depende sa mood. Hahaha. Pinakinggan ko kahapon. Di ko yata sya napakinggan noon, XO yata yun napakinggan ko.


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