Sunday Currently #10

I HAVEN’T POSTED anything in weeks so let me get back at it — it? what’s it? — with another Sunday Currently eme. I am currently

reading essays on the COVID-19 crisis.

A friend was looking for readings on the social/cultural implications of the pandemic so I sent her links to articles with interesting titles: “The Bourgeois Romance of Pandemic Isolation” by Amrita Brahmo, “In Defense of Radical Laziness During COVID-19” by Ben De La Cour, and “Life in the Time of Cholera: Lessons on a Pandemic” by George Prochnik.

writing an essay about the father of another friend who was murdered about three weeks ago.

I may or may not post the essay on this blog (or anywhere else, actually). I’m not comfortable sharing specific details about myself and the people I know, although I also low-key want to talk about Tito’s death as a reminder of how brutal and how close state-sanctioned violence is. Hayyy.

listening to Lyla Foy’s “Impossible.”

This song plays in the closing scene of one Bojack Horseman episode as Princess Caroline stares over the city from her office window. It was her 40th birthday; she was alone. Grabe!!!

thinking about a joke in Bojack Horseman where two characters complain about the phrase here’s the thing: “It’s so stupid. Just say the thing. You don’t need to introduce the concept that there’s going to be a thing.”

I thought it was really funny, and it reminded me of this one time in high school when I and a bunch of other students were watching TV in the dorm and a teaser for a teleserye came up. In the teaser, the bida rushed to help a dying minor character who, while clearly struggling to breathe, said, “May dapat…(hinga)…kang…(hinga)…malaman…”

The student sitting closest to the TV wrinkled his brows, visibly confounded: “E bakit ‘di na lang niya sabihin nang diretso? Bakit may intro pa?” Oo nga naman. Just say the thing kasi!

smelling the savory aroma of ginataang sigarilyas at talong.

wishing for a better world, choz. (I mean, obviously not choz, but, like…eh, whatever.)

hoping that I get a response from the company that I really, really want to work for.

wearing a bathrobe, which is essentially my pambahay jacket. Autumn is coming.

loving my blog’s new homepage.

I was inspired by Kim of une rêverie and other bloggers who recently revamped their blog designs. I didn’t exactly overhaul mine—I’m still using the same theme but I got rid of the sidebar and I made a new landing page. Let me know what you think! Hahaha.

wanting umm, wala naman. I’m too broke—and too broken, char—to want anything.

needing a job huhuhu Setyembre na!

feeling anxious about anything and everything lalalala sis boom bah.

The featured image was made using images from Canva and Unsplash. The small Bojack picture is a screenshot from Netflix.


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