Saturday Survey

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE sport? Do you prefer to watch it or play it?

Football (soccer). I prefer watching it; I’m not sporty at all.

Who was the last person to send you a friend request on Facebook?

I don’t have Facebook.

Have you ever been to that person’s house?


How recently did you wash your hands?

Two hours ago, I think.

How many girls do you know named Emma?


Are you upset, for any reason at all?

I don’t think so.

How did you feel when you woke up today?

I felt a little better than the previous days because I had about five hours of sleep. I’ve been having sleep problems again, man. I can’t sleep for eight hours straight — I keep waking up every hour so I am always way too tired to function. Hayyy.

When you’re stressed, what helps you to relax or calm down?

I eat junk food, I work out, and/or I cry like a baby.

What were you doing before you started this survey?

Watching a replay of the US Open Women Singles finals.

Is there something else you should be doing that’s more important?

I have an assignment due for this construction certificate class eme.

When was the last time you neglected to do something that you’d planned?

Two weeks ago when I planned to attend the first online session for that construction class. I couldn’t figure out how to join the meeting so I was like, psh, balakayojan.

Is there someone that can always make you smile no matter how bad you feel?

Parang wala naman. Choz.

Do you have any friends that you feel don’t fully appreciate you?

I think I’m the one who does not appreciate my friends enough. My friends regularly ask me how I am, they constantly invite me to join get-togethers, they even worry when I don’t say anything in our group chat — it’s not them, man. It’s me. Choz, arte??

When was the last time someone told you that you were beautiful?

My two aunties were in town last weekend and they both seemed happily surprised when they saw me. “Kagayon mo niyan na nagtaba ka!” one of them said. How very tita of them to notice my weight gain, but apparently I look better when I have more meat on my bones?

(I like myself more when I’m stick-skinny though; I have since been trying to lose weight.)

Who was the last person that apologized to you?

Ewan e. The people I know are all generally nice so they have nothing to apologize about.

What were they apologising for?


Do you think they meant it?


Would you be embarrassed if your parents looked at your Facebook?

I don’t have Facebook.

Describe the personality of the person you have feelings for.

I don’t have feelings for anyone at the moment e, chour.

What does your pencil case look like? What’s in it?

It’s made of cloth with pink polka dots and black zebra stripes. Inside it are pencils, pens, lead refills, a highlighter, a mini toy car, a white-out, two sharpeners, a bracelet, two (probably expired) soy sauce packets, and a tire pressure gauge.

In your Facebook friends list, who is the first person listed under ’D’?


How did you meet him/her?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ …wala nga akong Facebook, manay!

Did the last person you kissed have facial hair?

Not at that time, no.

You’re locked in a room with your ex. Any problems?

Nope. At least I hope not?

Be honest. What are you most afraid of?

My parents dying.

In the last 24 hours, have you seen or spoken to anyone you dislike?

Nope. The people I dislike are mostly public figures anyway (e.g. politicians, athletes, etc.)

What colour are the eyes of the last person that told you they loved you?


What is a word or phrase that you say often?

I don’t talk much these days e, but before the pandemic I used to say “dope” a lot.

Name 3 songs that remind you of someone special.

“Motion Sickness” by Phoebe Bridgers; “Inconsistencies” by Oh, Flamingo!; “Stars Across the Sky” by Bien.

How much chocolate do you have in your house atm, if any?

We have a pack of Milo-flavoured cookies — do they count?

Who is the most intelligent person you know?

Are we talking academic/scholarly intelligence? Probably some of my former professors.

Do you have younger siblings? If you do, are you protective of them?

I do. I’m not particularly protective, no.

Who was the last person you insulted?

Everyone in the Boston Celtics. Mga panget!! Charot. 😂

What are the other members of your household doing at this moment?


Do you have any neighbours that you don’t get along with?


How recently did you speak to the last person you kissed?

A month ago, I think?

Who was the last person you told to get lost, or something similar?

Jayson Tatum, pero telepathically lang, like through the TV screen ganyan. Boooo! 😂

Give me a random line from the last song you listened to.

I’ve been the needle and the thread / Weaving figure eights and circles ’round your head

Have you ever had an argument with the last person you Facebook messaged?

Si DJ Ramones? Never! 😂

Do you have any plans for tonight?

Just sleep.

Where were you at 9 o’clock last night?

In my room.

In the past week, have you slept past midday?

One or two times, yes.

Is there anything happening tomorrow that you’re looking forward to?

Wala naman. I might watch another tennis finals and the Clippers-Nuggets game, but I’m not exactly looking forward to them. My parents are more into those sports e, nadadamay lang ako.

Is there anyone you used to be friends with that you now dislike?

Wala rin. I lost touch with some of my old friends but I don’t dislike any of them, if that’s what you’re asking.

What is your least favourite chocolate bar?

The coconut-flavoured ones.

Do any of your friends or relatives have the same birthday as you?


Name the last song that made you cry.

I have for sure cried while listening to music, but I don’t think I have ever literally cried — as in with tears and sobs and all — because of a song. Is it common for people to cry over a song and nothing else? For me there’s usually some other reason e, like the death of the artist (e.g. Dolores O’Riordan) or some major emote-emote moment (e.g. heartbreaks). Hmmm.

Who do you miss at this moment?

My friends.

Where is that person?

The Philippines.

Have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural colour?

Senior year of high school I dyed my hair burgundy — is that “unnatural” enough?

Have you had any deep conversations today?

Nope, although I have a few unread messages on Messenger and I think at least one of them might lead to a “deep” conversation. I have a friend who’s preggers right now and she seems to be having some existential eme. I will schedule a video call with her before I sleep tonight.

Is your television on atm?


If it is, what are you watching?


Are you wearing anything blue?


Who were the last 5 people to make you smile?

Auntie Julie, Pipay (‘yung may lupa sa pusod), and other funny kids on Twitter.

Do you use Twitter?


Tell me about the last YouTube video you watched.

I recently disabled all cookies on YouTube so the recommended videos are no longer as strategically curated as they used to be. Lo and behold, I don’t even remember the last YouTube clip I watched. I am free! Charot. 😂

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Speaking of YouTube, I’ll just echo what Manay Jane Fonda said in this video:

“Any healthy country, like any healthy individual, should be in perpetual revolution.” 🙂

I got the questions from Tumblr. The featured image was made using Canva and Unsplash.


  1. Thea

    What does your pencil case look like? What’s in it?
    It’s made of cloth with pink polka dots and black zebra stripes. Inside it are pencils, pens, lead refills, a highlighter, a mini toy car, a white-out, two sharpeners, a bracelet, two (probably expired) soy sauce packets, and a tire pressure gauge.
    –mars ang saya ko sa may soy sauce packets ka kasi meron akong ketchup naman na mukang expired na din HAHAHA

    Liked by 1 person

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