“How has the past week been for you?”

Tomorrow will be a long day. I will finally see my friends again, I will attend my construction class online (right, haha), then I will write some new stuff for a side hustle. Noice.

And, ooh, yes. It’s the first day of autumn today. Good stuff, good stuff.

Do any of your friends have children?

One my closest friends is pregnant so, soon, I guess?

What was the last thing you ate?

Sinigang na manok.

Did any particular thing brighten up your day today?

Not really, although I did try on this cute white blouse that I have and it still fit so, dope.

Did your last outing involve the police?


Did you go outside for more than thirty minutes today?


How has the past week been for you?

It’s only Tuesday on my side of the world so not much has happened at all. Sunday I downloaded pictures from an old blog and posted some of them here; Monday I craved Jollibee but unfortunately the only Jollibee in town does not deliver to our address so, bummer; then today I just made a list of the things that I have to do tomorrow. Some life I got, huh?

Do you currently have a hickey?


Did you sleep alone last night?


Is there anywhere else you would rather be?

Not during the pandemic, no.

Pick a word that starts with the first letter of your first name.


In the past seventy-two hours, have you been under the influence?


Who is the first person in your contacts list in your phone?

A former classmate.

When was the last time something bothered you?

Last night.

What song lyrics are stuck in your head?

Haharanahin kita saan man tayo magpunta, ‘yung tipong kahit wala lang.

Do you have any jewelry on?


How has your health been lately?

Not good, although I have started working out again.

Do you consider yourself to be healthy?


Was someone else in your room when you woke up this morning?


Are you currently expecting a text message from someone?

Tomorrow, yeah.

Are you able to grab your cell phone without moving from where you are now?

I had to go grab it from the other side of the room so I could answer the question about Contacts up top. Now I have it right beside me.

What flavor ice cream did you last have?

Vanilla, I guess? I haven’t had ice cream in a while.

Is your hair short, medium or long?

Medium. I will grow it out though, for sure.

Do you use toothpicks?

I do not. I floss, actually. #adult

What was the last television show you watched?

Bojack Horseman.

Did you eat breakfast today?

I did not.

Are you cold right now?

Yes. First day of autumn, baby!

Do you sometimes sleep on the couch?

I do not.

What are you listening to right now?

“Himig” by Pan.

Do you wear contacts?


Do you think you’re too lazy?

These days, yeah.

Have you ever actually seen someone fall on a banana peel?


Are you shy at first when it comes to meeting people?


Overall, do you like the weather at where you live?

I like everything except winter. I hate the snow, man. I never cared for it, not even when we first moved here. It looks very pretty in photos but, boy, what a hassle! The roads get 100% more dangerous to drive on, and the wind gets super chilly it hurts your face. The air. Literally. Hurts your face! Everything else is pretty dope though.

Are you sick of relationships?


Featured image made using Canva and Unsplash. Questions from Tumblr.


    1. Jolens

      It hits hard talaga ‘no? I’m not done with the series yet, actually. It’s taking me longer to watch kasi I need “sanity breaks” hehe. During heavier storylines I hit pause and watch something else; otherwise I would drown in self-pity. Choz not choz, haha.

      How did it change you, btw? Did you see yourself in any of the characters?


    1. Jolens

      Sa canva(dot)com ako gumagawa ng collage! Kailangan mo nga lang gumawa ng account, pero free siya at sobrang daming templates/options! Merong pang-background, merong icons at elements, at pwede ka ring mag-upload ng sarili mong pics. Marami ring available fonts at sobrang intuitive ng UI. Hehe.

      Minsan kumukuha din ako sa Unsplash ng pictures. Bale dina-download ko lang ‘yung photo from Unsplash, tapos “ginugupit” ko ‘yung part na gusto ko gamit ang lasso tool ng default image editor ng computer ko. Kung Mac ka, pwede Preview. Kung Windows, pwede Paint 3D. Ina-upload ko ‘yung ginupit na picture d’un sa Canva tapos pwede ko na siyang gamitin sa collage ko.

      Pero extra na lang ‘yung Unsplash, haha. Kung basic collage eme lang, sapat na sapat na ang Canva. Pwede ka rin gumawa sa Canva ng kahit ano pang visual kineme (e.g. infographics, blog logo, banner photo, etc). Sobrang solid, hahaha. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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