Garlic Butter Shrimp

One of the biggest lessons that I learned this pandemic — and I say this with absolutely zero insinuation of humility — is that I’m actually a pretty good cook. I mean it!

I admit I am no master chef, but I can at least put together a dish that’s tasty enough for my family to enjoy. In fact, I have been cooking our daily ulam for five or six months now. Nobody has complained of indigestion so far, and my parents have even given me compliments.

I’m not delusional, is all I’m saying.

Anyway Huawei, yesterday’s ulam was garlic butter shrimp. I used this recipe as a guide but I didn’t follow the suggested proportions to the tee. I mostly just guesstimate anyway, which is also why I rarely blog about the food that I cook. I have nothing valuable to teach you, and you can probably find more informative stuff elsewhere.

So this post is obviously not a recipe. I just decided to share the picture of the shrimp that I cooked and to tell you guys that, well, I can cook. Haha.

I also want to mention that, aside from cooking, I am also responsible for doing our weekly grocery shopping. I still had a sizeable amount of savings when the pandemic started so I didn’t care much about grocery prices back then. I only started paying attention to the price tags now that my funds have been significantly depleted.

This new hyper-awareness to grocery prices has allowed me to discover that, grabe, napakamahal pala ng hipon? Treinta dolares, beh! A pack of headless shrimp costs just as much as one sack of rice! Ano ‘to, ginto? Hay.

And on that note, I will end this quick hanash about garlic butter shrimp. If you have the money to buy shrimp and you’re looking for ulam ideas, here you go. Otherwise, I hope you still eat good food today. Ciao!


  1. Ruo Ruo

    I love cooking garlic butter shrimp too. Fav ng father ko. And seafoods are all expensive naman talaga. Specially lobster, shrimp, crab and so on.

    Also, don’t forget to check the expiration date when you’re buying products in grocery too. Hahaha. When I buy foods, I need to check the PIE—price, ingredients, expiration date or consume date. I do check the ingredients of products. Maybe it’s kinda weird. But I do that thing. Hahaha.

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