Korean Style Sweet & Spicy Tofu

Yesterday I bought hot pepper paste when I went out for groceries. I bought it because I decided that — sweeping declaration alert — I will be switching to a more plant-based diet. I am not planning to go completely plant-based naman; I just want to eat more veggies and consume less meat.

But why buy Korean paste, you ask?

I am currently reading a book called The Vegetarian by author Han Kang, and I am sorta kinda mildly curious what Korean vegans eat. On a semi-related note, I went to Jollibee with a vegan friend last week and we realized that Filipino dishes are generally not vegan-friendly. Even recipes that are heavy on vegetables like pinakbet and laing have shrimp, pork, or anchovies. (He ordered fries and peach mango pie, by the way. Poor guy.)

Anyway, I cooked Korean sweet and spicy tofu yesterday so I could use the chili paste. Below are the complete list of ingredients that I used, as well as some notes that I took after cooking.

I did not specify the quantities that I portioned for each ingredient. As mentioned in previous posts, I usually just guesstimate. If, by chance, you feel like making this dish yourself, there are tons of recipes online to guide you. This Youtube video from Maangchi is pretty helpful for gauging the quantities, if that’s all you need.

Aside from this sweet and spicy tofu dish, I also cooked other ulam for the rest of my family. I even baked banana muffins for dessert. Fun fact: I guesstimate even when I bake. So far so good so, yay?


      1. Thea

        Kulang pa ako nung korean eme pero nabili ko na yung ibang ingredients para dito. Kulang nalang yung korean paste kasi wala na akong makitang maliit so baka bilhin ko na yung malaki hahah. Excited na din ako ibalita sayo kung anong kinalabasan. Thanks mars sa mga pagshare mo ❤

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