Stuffed Bell Peppers (or why Jolens thinks puwede na siyang mag-asawa)

Had I known that I wasn’t a terrible cook, I would have looked for a husband and settled on being a housewife a long time ago. I like being at home and I enjoy making food, although I definitely need to get used to carrying the (largely unrecognized) burden of having to do all the chores.

Otherwise, I’m cut for homemaking, aren’t I?

But, to be honest, I still want to work as a professional. My degree literally cost me tens of thousands of dollars, and I need to convince myself that it was worth the money. Plus I bet it’s easier to get a job than to find a husband anyway, so…god, baka naman? Kahit mga Vico Sotto levels lang po o, please. Charot.

Anyhow, today I made myself two pieces of stuffed bell peppers. The stuffing has chick peas, potatoes, raisins and tomatoes. For the spices I used salt, pepper, cumin and paprika. Per usual, I just guesstimated and made the recipe on the spot.

First, I sautéed the onions and the potatoes on olive oil. Once the potatoes were soft enough to mash with a fork, I transferred them to a bowl with the other ingredients. I mixed them all together while slightly mashing the chick peas and the potatoes. I seasoned everything with the spices I mentioned.

I then packed the stuffing inside the hollowed bell peppers (hollowed meaning top part cut off, all seeds removed). I layered the stuffing with shredded cheese for more flavor. I also ate the rest of stuffing that didn’t fit and, I swear, man, it tasted divine!

Getting the bell peppers to stay upright on the baking pan was a challenge, so I made a ring-shaped base using aluminum foil. Worked like magic. I baked the stuffed goodies at 400′ F for around 25 – 30 minutes — masarap talaga siya, beh, no joke.

Because we only had two pieces of bell peppers — and because this dish had no meat whatsoever — I cooked another bigger dish for my family. I made beef picadillo, which was basically sautéed ground beef with potatoes and other veggies.

I also decided to make Basque burnt cheesecake based on Kirbie’s Cravings’ recipe. I think my cake turned out all right, but I still have to leave it in the fridge overnight before tasting. I might write about it some other time.

So, in conclusion, I now respectfully declare myself as wife material. Thank you, thank you, psh, maliit na bagay, wala ‘to, thank you.


  1. Thea

    Jolz, nakabili na ako ng chickpeas kaso lang wala pa ako nung cumin so hindi ko pa ito magagawa pero gagawin ko ito soon!! HAHAHA ❤ please magshare ka pa ulit ng mga luto luto mo sa susunod para makagaya ako huhu

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