“Do you ever find yourself staring into space?”

IF YOU had a gun with one bullet and no consequences, what would you do?

Is the “no consequences” clause transferable to whoever has the gun, or is it just for me? If anyone could use the gun with no consequences, I would for sure keep and hide the gun so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. If I was the only one who had the quote immunity unquote, I would probably turn the gun over to the police. Or, hmm…should I? ‘Di ko alam!

Has anyone read the comics 100 Bullets? It has almost the exact same premise.

Have you ever owned an iPod?


Is there something you think looks particularly good on you?

Blouses with square or portrait necklines.

How do you express your anger?

I cry.

What is your favorite sweet thing to eat?


Is your cellphone or house phone really old and outdated?

By today’s standards, yeah, probably.

Do you ever find yourself staring into space?

Yeah, all the time.

Have you ever remembered any odd dreams? What?

I have. Ikuwento ko one of these days.

Is there a song that you just have to dance to?

Nah, I don’t think so.

Is there something you want to say right now?

Top 3 favorite lyrics from Taylor Swift’s folklore: 1) We were something don’t you think so?; 2) I gave so many signs; 3) Meet me behind the mall.

Do you like the beach, or does the thought of sharks frighten you?

Is this even a valid dichotomy?

Do you consider yourself fearless or courageous?

Saks lang.

Are you a social person or do you keep to yourself?

I keep to myself.

Do you cuss like a sailor?

I try not to.

Have you ever slapped someone in the face, deliberately?

When I was a kid and did not know any better, yes.

Do you find yourself checking your email or instant messenger more often?

Depende kung may hinihintay na message hehehe.

Ever blasted music from your car speakers for fun?

Blast, as in play music really loud? I always do this but I make sure the windows are closed.

Is shopping fun for you?

Not really.

What is your favorite website?

jolenismo.com #selflove charot hahaha

Is there anything or anyone that you would basically die without?

The air that I breathe, the food that I eat, ganern.

Are you fond of electronic music? Why or why not?

Saks lang. I listen to whatever I feel like listening to, hehe.

Have a favorite season?


Favorite pair of headphones?

Basta wireless at malalim ang bass, gusto ko.

Is there something you keep just because it means a lot to you?

mp3 files of some of my favorite songs. They take up storage space and I have no use for them anymore, but I tuck them safely in my folders because, to borrow the words of Regina Spektor, they are “things I have loved I’m allowed to keep.”

Have you ever been serenaded?

Nope. I want to be serenaded though! Beke nemen? Haha.

What would you love to get for Christmas more than anything else?

COVID-19 vaccine.

Do gifts really matter?

Not to me. My love languages are words of affirmation and acts of service, hehehe.

Do you feel guilty very easily, or does it not affect you?

Depends on the context, mami.

Ever been labeled as something?

Jologs, hipster, komunista, burgis, ganyan.

Do you enjoy fast food?

Not really. I crave Jollibee every now and then, but I rarely give in to the craving.

What is your favorite color, clothing-wise?


Have you ever tried to headbang?

More like headbop siguro.

Been close to a car accident, or in one?

I’ve been in a couple, but nothing serious naman.

Are you scared of diving?

Yes? I don’t think I will even consider doing it unless you point a gun to my head.

Are there any sports you just hate to participate in?

All of them? Haha. Sa sobrang hina ko, nabibigatan ako sa bola ng basketball. ‘Di ko gets paano siya nadi-dribble, nabubuhat, at nahahagis ng mga tao.

Do you have a favorite cereal? Why or why not?

None whatsoever.

Do you like to lipsync or actually sing the words?

I actually sing the words.

Is there a movie you know a lot of the lines to?

The closest I can think of is 500 Days of Summer.

Do you care if your friends act embarrassing?

I would only be embarrassed if they acted rude towards other people. If they’re just being goofy and making a fool of themselves, I don’t mind at all. Dignidad naman nila ‘yan so kebs lang, haha.

Do you tend to act paranoid around people you don’t know?

Depends on why I’m with them, where we are, etc.

Have a favorite kind of dance to do?


What do you think about people who take good pictures? Are you jealous?

I think they’re amazing! I’m not jealous at all, haha.

Have a good singing voice, or would you rather not sing?

Is this a would-you-rather question? If so, then I would certainly rather have a good singing voice.

Do you think looking in someone’s eyes is romantic?

Heck yeah, mami.

What is your favorite accent or tone of voice?

Parang wala naman? Nakakapogi though kapag malalim boses ng lalaki.

Have you ever felt like you absolutely needed something?

I need money, like, all the time.

Ever screamed really loudly?

Once, yeah.

Do you ignore people a lot, or try to talk to everyone to be polite?

If these are the only two options then d’un tayo sa ignore people a lot.

Are sleep-overs fun for you?

Depends on who I’m with.

Would you wear a fake moustache?

For a costume siguro.

Have a favorite brand of clothing?

Simons, probably. I haven’t bought clothes in over a year though.

Are you listening to anything right now? If so, what?

Nope. Just the clicking of the keys as I type.

I got the questions from Tumblr and the Necklines picture from White Rose Bridal. I made the featured image using Canva and Unsplash.


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