Sunday Currently #11

I WOKE up at around 10 this morning and went straight to the kitchen to make coffee. Should I buy a programmable coffee maker?, I thought, then I remembered that I was low on cash so, never mind.

I poured water into the brewer and scooped three heaping spoons of ground beans into the brew basket. I pressed the switch, the whirring began. As the coffee brewed in glacial speed, I pulled the blinds up and witnessed in the backyard a gloomy Sunday scene: nimbus clouds hovering in ghostly silence, trees bathed in shadowy glows of orange, and flurries of snow swinging in slow pendulum curves along the chilly autumn breeze. Good morning, indeed.

The rest of the day was just as calm, nothing hectic. I finished all the important tasks and I still have the energy to write a quick post so, here we are. Currently I am

reading The Story of My Teeth by Valeria Luiselli, translated by Christina MacSweeney.

writing nothing else but this.

listening to the Lovers Fevers EP by Babygirl.

thinking about Ina Nasino and baby River. More specifically, I am thinking about the people who boldly defend and justify what government officials did to Ina and River.

I understand the paid trolls — they are paid to say shit, after all. What I don’t get are the educated middle-class who echo the rightist party line and confidently insist that Ina deserves nothing less. Why, man? Some of these folks even wield the “Be Kind” brand, yet their political biases reveal how unkind, how terribly unsympathetic they truly are.

But I can’t really judge them, can I? I know I shouldn’t. They, too, are victims of an education system that promotes blind adherence to the status quo, of a society that forces people to coop up and to stand only for their own interests. I admit I am also bogged down by my own bourgeois ideals, but I sincerely hope that I do not ever turn into a heartless state apologist like them. Hayyy.

smelling nothing of note.

wishing for the pandemic to be over.

hoping, again, that I never turn into a heartless and willfully ignorant state apologist. I trust my friends to call me out if this ever happens.

wearing pambahay.

loving the weather, the book that I am currently reading, and the idea that more and more people across the globe are voicing out their anger. “Anger is the expression of hope,” writes Soraya Chemaly. A better future awaits!

wanting, uh, a programmable coffee-maker? But, nah, not really.

needing more sleep.

feeling hurt about that entire Ina Nasino case, obviously.

Featured image by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

One Comment

  1. Kimberly

    “feeling hurt about that entire Ina Nasino case, obviously.”
    – You and I both. 😦 And I totally agree about the non-troll defenders and the blatant panggagago of this government. How long will we have to endure this kind of injustice. Nakakaubos ng lakas.

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